Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stacking up the Pieces

So it's just edged past the witching hour and for a variety of reasons I've slept little these past few days. Around 10:00 or so, after a day busier with the cognitive busy-work of academia than I've been in a while I finally had a chance, in my bleary, bug-eyed state to check up on the headlines at which point, of course, I saw that some crazy retard had just flown a small plane into an IRS building in Texas.

Only a couple of people were killed in the resulting fire, out of the 200 or so who were inside at the time, which good fortune we can attribute perhaps to the building somehow failing to fall despite the aerial impact event. You may argue that a Piper Dakota is no 747 but neither is a little IRS office block the World Trade Center. Physics is physics, people: if a big plane can take down a big building, a small plane can cause the collapse of a small building. QED.

But hallelujah we're beyond the realm of physics and dealing with miracles here. Emergency services were there in minutes, preceded only by a fully tricked out hazmat unit that was fortuitously there in advance, having deployed to the city the previous night and, with even greater luck, just happened to be setting up - oh for an exercise no doubt - right near the IRS building the very morning of the event. It's nice when things just sort of work out like that, don't you think? When all the pieces are in place.

Oh, and did you hear yet (I'm sure you did) that the pilot was a disgruntled software engineer who - having been tossed aside by Corporate America and facing the prospect of his financial carcass being picked over by their government - apparently went off the deep end of Tea Party-dom, posting a suicide note cum rambling anti-government rant that (I'm sure) will be full of conspiracy theories. Those conspiracy theorists, I tell ya: dangerous lunatics they are. No telling what they might do and some of them might, just might be terrorists. Right?


And that's scary, isn't it? I mean it's one thing if it's just a buncha sand-niggers and we can bring the fight to their heathen haji asses over in their medieval moonscape countries but ... white Americans turning to terrorism against their own kind? Why that might lead to open martial law by the by. Only way to keep things together in such a situation is to bring the fight to them, you know, and this time that'll mean bringing the fight right to your doorstep.

And this will justify and maybe even encourage just a bit more of that nonsense. You can almost hear the law-goblins skittering around in the great machinery of our legal code, getting ready to set the cyclopean gears grinding that will result in Firewall America. All sorts of petty, silly new restrictions will be put in place as a result of this: the police state will clamp down a little more tightly, the propaganda will get yet more shrill, and for now the majority of the population will shrug and figure it's all for their own safety. Like frogs who think that nice man's turning up the temperature in the pot because he's concerned about their comfort.

Well, my reaction to this isn't so much one of fear. I'm certainly not terrified of the Tea Party-errorists nor (as one of the erstwhile conspiracy nuts who gets lumped in with them by the lumpen proles and those in 'control') am I particularly frightened of a clamp-down on my civil liberties. I long ago decided that no matter what laws they pass, I do not have liberty. Liberty is what you're allowed to have. No, I am free simply because I am me and they aren't, more or less. Everyone else is just as free for the same reason, but figuring that out, that's the trick. I wish people would and ... I think they will.

No, what I'm getting off this right now is more annoyance (for whatever small hassle I will no doubt indirectly incur along the way as a result actions justified by this), as well as amusement: that those who did it believe they will get away with it.

They pulled this stunt in Austin, Texas. Let's pause over that: they had the colossal hubris and gall to try and put something like this over on a city with more tinfoil hat-cases than probably any other part of U.S. (except maybe the Texas back-country). What most people think is, "Yeah, Texans are crazy retards," but no, this isn't going to be like that. Think about it: I bet you the Texas police, emergency services, government, not to mention the general population, they're so shot through with exposure movement sympathizers that not a single step in this drama was taken, that was not observed. Such people keep their eyes open, they keep notes, and they keep in touch. This small army of swarming info-warriors will collate their numerous observations on the blogs and the forums of the Free Internet, they will throw a blinding spotlight on this story, and whatever the shape of the truth that takes form in that light it will devastate the plans of those who planned this.

This is going to be fast and brutal, but not in the way it was meant to be. Brace yourselves. And remember "First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win."


Frank said...

It's what they do.

The details are important. Remember the Holocaust Museum shooting? Maximum coverage for what, a half-day?

Then the detail comes out that the badly-trained security guards panicked and shot at each other, one getting killed. OOPS!

Then the detail comes out that the museum "gunman" (who never shot at anyone) has a BOOK ONLINE that explains what he was doing and why in embarrassing detail. In fact, the non-gunman has a history of making citizen's arrests of public officials. Likely, he was about to do that at the museum and would have had the guards not been undertrained minimum-wage serfs.

BUT it's not the what it's the how. A prediction I made New Year's Eve is coming true: With the country full of the broke and busted and repossessed and drugged up to the eyeballs, we won't be able to tell the real anger from the psyops before spring. And spring is still a long way off.

psychegram said...

Agreed. On the one hand this guy might've been programmed to do this: the authorities were simply acting as though they had ample warning. On the other he might've just cooked off and they saw it coming a mile away since he was broadcasting his intentions openly on the net. Either way we can expect a multitude of copy-cats to come.

In a way this strikes me as being very similar to the Berlusconi bashing in December.

Also the ALTA reports were calling for 'high profile suicides' if I remember correctly, starting about now or so. Scary how accurate those things are.

nina said...

And his "friends" and band mates had no idea? What kind of "friends" are these? We note the wife and child are incapacitated and unable to report on his state of mind. How does someone compose and tweak such a lengthy manifesto on the web without anyone else knowing anything about it? They were quick to seize the computer, wasn't it in the burned-to-the ground dwelling, is that normal procedure for someone to enter a home in the process of a raging blaze engulfing the entire structure and locate and seize a computer with the speed required to include the existence of a "manifesto" in breaking the story? How did the computer survive the flames without melting? How did anyone even know where to look for it?
In spite of the background information about Stack's asset losses, he was reported to own a home in a good surburban neighborhood and his own plane. Not bad.

On the other hand, it can be argued that Stack had limited vision and was not particularly knowledgeable about history which tells us very clearly what we can call "Stack's Complaint" and more, lots more, has been going on for centuries.

And if we are to accept the story his actions were a result of his anguish, he should have understood the media would immediately portray him as a sicko, discrediting and scandalizing him as deranged and delusional. He would have known whatever example he thought he might set could not possibly be accomplished. He should have known he would instantly be McVeighed, VA teched, Ft. Hooded, underweared, etc. and suggestions of accomplices brought into the mix, his individual "pound of flesh" multiplied to include whomever/whatever else is waiting to come forth.

However, a great lesson comes from this event in the abject desperation shown by those screeching multitudes of pundits holding close their compensation packages. At no time was anyone willing to question whether any harm is being done to the citizenry by bureaucratic policy and over regulation.

Coincidentally, the bureau officially closed the anthrax case today.

This was a little peoples' 911, a regional recession version reflecting the state of the economy.

13 Muluc said...

Nice writing Psychegram. Wickedly funny. It's hard to imagine very many Americans sympathising with the IRS on this one. It looks to me like an attempt on the part of TPTB to incite their enemies to violence so they can respond in kind. Hopefully, people won't fall for it.

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