Monday, April 27, 2009

That Pesky Swine Flu

I think I might have it.

And now, back to bed.

See you on the other side....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

South Parks' Hypnotic Space Cops

I don't watch a lot of television as a rule. Recently the only show I've been keeping up with is Heroes, with occasional binges of Simpsons, Family Guy and sundry others, which I indulge in when I'm feeling particularly low. I find the naked attempt at programming most distasteful, and so as a general rule avoid all but that small subset of postmodern humor that deconstructs itself as it proceeds. Sure, cartoons are just as much a vector for memetic programming as any other type of show, in fact perhaps more so than most given the way their lack of seriousness lowers the defenses of its viewers.

I don't normally blog about this dirty little habit of mine but last night I saw something that I judged post-worthy. On Friday night, of course, the new episodes of various shows air and last night I found myself watching South Park after the Simpsons (itself a very interesting episode exploring themes of time, memory and the mind, but beside the poiint of this post.) If you're a fan of the show and haven't watched it yet, this is fair warning that spoilers follow, so you might want to go download the episode now and come back to this when you're done. I'll just leave you with one little thing: keep an eye out for hypnotic openers.

Okay, back?

Great. Now, the plot of the show is something of a take-off of Star Trek, paralleling slightly the Zefram Cochrane story. Stan Marsh and his father Randy discover warp drive when Mr. Marsh, hoping only to set a new speed record in the father/son pinewood racer derby, steals a component from the Large Hadron Collider and includes it (against regulations, of course) in the winning model. The world is amazed, and it's not long before Federal Agents show up at the Marsh's door (and it was at this point that I mentioned to the others in the room the Fake Alien Invasion scenario.) The warp drive, it seems, has attracted the attention of an alien, and the world gathers to greet the ship. The alien proves to be a galactic supergangster on the run from the space cops. Looking to force the Earthlings to make him a warp drive for his ship, he takes the planet hostage.

When the space-cops show up, he takes Stan hostage personally, ordering the world to keep its mouth shut or the kid gets it. Now, I mentioned hypnotic openers and it's at this point that things start to get interesting because the appearance of these aliens was extremely hypnotic. Ftom the waist down they had the appearance of worms but from the waist up they were, for the most part, humanoid. However, they had extra mouths and eyes arranged in such a way as to induce an optical illusion merely by looking at them, and above their heads were flashing strobe lights such as you might see on top of a police car (their ship, too, had lights: a pair of spheres orbiting a common center.)

The space-cops skeptically accept the story that the alien hasn't been seen anywhere, and go on their way. Shortly after, however, the alien is stabbed to death (his blood, of course, is green) and Stan, Randy and other humans pile in to explore his spaceship. Inside they find a huge pile of glittering space-cash, which their greedy eyes are immediately fixated upon. It doesn't take long before they've all agreed to divvy up the space-cash and keep their mouths shut when the cops next arrive.

When they do, of course, they've noticed that Mexico for one has recently gone on a construction-spree but, but they shrug their shoulders and go their way when the whole world replies as one in its denial of any knowledge of anything called space-cash.

Not everyone's conscience is clear, however, and it isn't long before tiny Finland announces its intentions to come clean. The other countries immediately nuke Finland out of existence ... an act that draws the attention of the space-cops, who play right along with the charade that no one noticed Finland committing nuclear suice ("We didn't say anything about nuclear. How'd you know that?") right up until Stan runs up to hand back his pinebox racer derby trophy, unwilling to keep a prize he knows he doesn't deserve.

At this point, the space-gangster returns, and reveals that the whole thing was a setup, in order to test the human race for possible membership in the Galactic Federation. Needless to say, we failed the test miserably the episode ends with a giant glowing cube appearing around the Earth, imprisoning our species for the protection of the galaxy.

Now, what do we have, here? No doubt you're already drawing some conclusions of your own but let me emphasize a few things that stick out. For one, we've got a story whose underlying theme is following the truth versus following the lie. From the very beginning of the episode, Randy is following the lie, even going so far as to coach his son into how to hide his tells. The lies simply echo out from there, becoming bigger and grander until eventually the whole of the species is going along with it out of a mixture of fear, pride and greed. At the same time we've got an alien encounter that isn't all it seems to be, in itself in part a lie but a lie designed to test the allegiance of the species to one or the other.

It's the periodic use of hypnotic openers that really grabs my attention, here (which, after all, they're designed to do.) A hypnotic opener, incidentally, doesn't exactly hypnotize you. All it does is leave you more open to suggestion than you might otherwise be. Strobe lights are one of the most common hypnotic openers (though there are of course many others), and a little reflection on their prominence within the modern urban landscape might give you pause for thought, perhaps, as to why there are devices meant to disarm our conscious minds set up literally everywhere we look.

I'm wondering if this episode was meant to prepare the population for something. Certainly it's not the only one, merely the latest in a long line, but ... for some reason it seems significant. Does it mean an alien invasion is just around the corner? Who knows? I rule nothing out these days but ... I'm not going to put a date on it. It might, indeed, never come. There are sources who claim that the only thing holding back an invasion is that the programming must first be complete, though what that means is exactly is hard to define. Other sources claim that there are no real aliens, but that we are being programmed in readiness for a faked invasion, a gigantic false flag attack utilizing holographic projectors, media trickery and the strategic deployment of black project weapons systems in order to unify the world under the banner of seeing off the threat. I don't rule either of these scenarios out; in fact, I don't even see them as contradictory. It's quite plausible, I think, that there are real aliens out there (and, no doubt, right here), watching us, some perhaps testing us and others simply looking for an opportune moment to pounce. At the same time I can certainly imagine a long-term, highly compartmentalizsd project aimed at faking an alien invasion ... less difficult than you might think, for who can say what an alien invasion would look like, in the first place? Our only experience is with science fiction movies and those, of course, are a large part of the programming either way so....

So here's a scenario. At some point, when the ground is judged ripe, the false invasion is launched. Giant saucers appear over world capitals, destorying some of them and serving the rest of us an ultimatum: submit or die. The ships are destroyed, however, by quick action on the part of those who projected the holograms in the first place, and a call goes out: to unify humanity in order to fight back.

Think for a moment how ridiculous that sounds. Fight off an alien invasion? Us? That's absolutely mad, of course. How do you fight something that much more advanced? A species for whom time is no doubt as travershible as space? Preposterous. But it will not look so silly if we've already taken out a few ships ... or, at least, have been made to think we have.

Maybe that will be the test? And we pass it, perhaps, by following the truth and letting it lead us through the illusion. Should we not - should our planet unify, it's industry turned toward the construction the sort of weapons with which one might repel an invasion from space - we'll have proved ourselves gullible and truculent. At that point the programming is judged complete for the real invasion, against which our defenses (even had they been finished) are entirely useless. Of course, if there are no aliens we've still all sumbitted to a global state so, either way we're fucked.

Well, that's one scenario. Whether anything like it will happen I don't at all know but one thing I'm certain of: that episode of South Park last night was aimed to do more than simply entertain. What its aim was, precisely, is hard to be certain. I find it difficult to credit that anything available through conventional media is likely to be directed at a straight up warning (even a work such as the Matrix was so cloaked in allegory that even now very few understand it as anything but an action movie), especially given the use of hypnosis and so, maybe it was designed to set us up for a fall? People often unconsciously imitate cartoon characters and this tendency can be expected to accentuate itself with the use of strobing lights and optical illusions. We might then suppose that the purpose of this episode was to reinforce the tendency to cling to and follow lies, especially under the uncertain circumstances of First Contact.

But then, as they say, knowledge protects, and now that you've read this any spell the episode might have cast on you is, I hope, largely undone.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Headlines in Hell

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep it all in view. Simply keeping abreast of happenings in this insane and accelerating world becomes a consuming task, and I'm left staring somewhat bewildered at a spread of strange headlines standing in at this moment of time for all the weird currents making their way through the modern zeitgeist.

What am I to make of those Somali pirates boarding freighters and holding their captains for ransom? Thank god the navy of the free world is there to protect the lives of sailors (and the trade routes they ply.) As usual of course the villains don't call themselves 'pirates', but pass themselves off as members of the 'Volunteer Coast Guard of Somalia'. Of course the self-styled affectations of criminal gangs aren't to be taken seriously. Nor, if it can be helped, mentioned, lest the weak-minded be led astray.

Tony Blair has risen, born anew from his ignominous political death into the life of a spiritual man of faith, and that conversion is by all accounts proceeding splendidly for him. Most recently he has announced the formation of his Faith Foundation, an interfaith teaching society of some sort that will work towards peace and and understanding between the world's faith. Is it cynical of me to suspect him of acting with ulterior motive, here ... perhaps as part of an effort to coopt faith communities much as Al Gore was used to marshall the green movement? There is a plan here, but I am not sure it is God's plan save in the very long term, as all plans must ultimately be.

In New York City, the police state is baring its fangs at the the student population, as a taste no doubt of more and worse to come. The author of that piece seems very concerned about the brutality and the repression, as any good socialist is, but yet I wonder ... how many of them listened, nodding wisely, to smart men tell them that there were no conspiracies, that the source of all the inequalities and atrocities is systemic? Now the system is important, I agree, but few of these people ever ask themselves whose system and rather than ask those questions, how many agreed that there was no point, for serious men at least, in wasting valuable time picking apart the labyrinthine world of secret societies, black budgets and banking cartels? And, now that those conspiracies are bearing their rotten and infected fruit, oh, their horror, their disgust, their shock!

It need not be for nothing. Such things happen in order to provide lessons, that we might gain understanding but ... have they?

Well, I forgive them if they don't understand. I ceased to understand long ago, but at least I understand that I don't understand, if you understand me on that. And if you're confused, too, don't despair, for these are confusing times in which it's difficult more more people than ever to hold on to their personal identity. Boys look like girls and women act like men and the criminals that supply stolen identities are engaged with each other, as we speak, in a price war. We spend more time marking and tracking and identifying one another than ever before and are more confused than ever ... and what else might you expect, in a world where so few even know of the concept of realizing the Self within, or suspect that that Self may be one with everything else?

There were four UFO sightings across the US yesterday. The usual reports, colored lights, changing geometric shapes, abrupt alterations in speed. I don't have any idea what to make of that, whether these are aliens or hyperdimensional beings from the future or evil spirits but ... given the nature of the times I don't much expect they're hear to do much good and, there certainly are a lot more of them than ever before. I wonder if we might not find ourselves all having seen some strange lights in the sky, before long. A man can dream, can't he?

It seems there's been clashes between protestors and police in Thailand. In fact, it's escalated to the point of troops being deployed, and you might think you know what I'm about to say about that and be about to nod along in agreement but ... remember the protests last December, when the airports were shut down by protestors? Perhaps you recall that they wanted rid of their corrupt puppet of foreign powers 'leader', and they were successful in that (though not as much was said of this success.) Well, they wore (and still wear) Yellow Shirts and these new ones are wearing Red Shirts and for certain primal psychobiological reasons movements that adopt the color red, well. It's seldom good news, and in that vein I'll mention that the Red Shirts have already resorted to molotov cocktails when the much larger Yellow Shirt movement confined themselves to peaceful protest (and in so doing forced out their quisling prime minister.)

The Conspiracy King is finding himself under attack by the very paranoia he did so much to encourage, and from an increasing number directions. Here's a broadside from the long-time Jones skeptics at SOTT, and here's another at Alternet. The responses in this Reality Sandwich link to the Obama Deception, Jones' recent film, continue to this day, and even those who admit to having been, to a certain degree, activated by Alex voice doubt as to, at the very least, the wisdom of dwelling too long on the things he says. I myself remain ambivalent. The case against Jones is compelling and worthy of everyone's consideration but not yet airtight; at this point, only Jones' own actions will reveal the truth of his intentions. In the meantime he's become, for me, simply one voice amongst many, and if that one voice should someday call for armed uprising or some other patently disastrous mass movement, well, he can count me out.

The truth is hard to pin down when you're pinned to the surface of a warm wet rock hurtling through space. Your perspective gets warped, sucked into the minutiae of your own little world and there's nothing inherently wrong with that. The universe is a fractal hologram, with the smallest fragments of any world containing worlds of their own, all of them in their own way a mirror of the whole. Still, though, unless one contemplates the wholes as well as the parts one is unlikely to understand very well how their own world works and so, the whole becomes a hell and that, to me, seems to be the truth of the situation here on Planet Earth.

And as another sign that those who don't contemplate wholes understand them poorly, and a final link for you to look at, have a look at the amazing glowing black hole at the heart of M87. The astronomers are mystified, for its behaviour doesn't seem to be at all in accord with what they'd expect of a black hole with an accretion disk - its luminosity varies far more than should be physically possible - and 'this doesn't make sense' is a line you seem to hear a lot from astronomers these days but for the moment dark matter and dark energy are doing fantastic work covering the gaping whole in mainstream astrophysical theory and as a result the astronomers can go on not worrying about things like UFOs, for instance, and go about secure in the illusion that they need not revise their theories save in minor details.

A funny thing to leave off on, perhaps, but one must occasionally look at the stars and wonder, and if you don't do that and you lose sight of the vital connection between your deepest Self and the expansive cosmos around you, well, you're liable to get stuck in this mud. Or is it a lake of fire? Because it sure is getting hot down here.

It doesn't have to be this way. It never did but, that's the road we chose several thousand years ago and so this is the experience we're going to get. It's just one experience among many and we'll all experience it in our own way at some point these next few years, one way or another, whether we want to or not (and, deep down, we all want to, don't we? That, after all, is why we're here). We will experience it for exactly as long and as often as we need to.

And afterwards ... maybe, this time ... maybe this time we'll understand.

Update: As though to emphasize the importance of looking up on occasion, shortly after posting this I found myself looking at NASA's newest discovery: God's right hand. Yes I know what it really is, but is there not some symbolic significance to the fact that this object was found at this time, and not another?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Comet Boy

After a long, loooong interval comes the next installment of Dreamscapes and Night Terrors: Comet Boy.

There's another coming soon and a number kicking around in my head so ... hopefully I'll be able to keep up a higher pace.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Get Ready ... Here Come the New Patriots

I could've titled this 'Here Come the New Truthers' just as well, but I've always had a soft spot for the Truth movement and the thing about it is, it's main concern is, well, truth. Sure, it started as 9/11 Truth but its members became just plain old truthers real quick and that's fitting because we all know, now, that it's so very much bigger than just 9/11 anyway. At any rate, the last several years there's been a lot of overlap between the so-called patriot movement and the truth movement, but I think that's starting to change now because, as the title implies, the new patriots are on their way.

These aren't principled defenders of constitutional freedoms, clear-eyed standard-bearers of truth in the face of masses of denialists who refuse to see the obvious and publicly mock those who do, no, theirs is a softer mettle. Or is it a softer head? Or, perhaps, a soft metal plate in the head, the better to pick up the transmissions for all the television they watch. They are the type that drinks beer, watches sports, and cheers when they see a terrorist get pasted by a smart-bomb on Fox. They were about to vote for McCain, thought Palin was cute, and if they've got anything against the new guy it's only the color of his skin. They are the herd, the mob, and brace yourself for it, folks, because they're coming right at us.

The kicker of it is, while they're charging towards us they're actually going to think that they're with us.

Have you noticed Fox News getting all paranoid, lately? It's shills and mockingbirds and other wildlife having been singing about the conspiracy theorists being right, oh lawd have mercy! And they're just seeing the light now? Please. No, this is calculated. It's meant to lead to exactly the sort of situation as this Poplawski fellow, a paranoid right wing not job who grabbed his gun and shot some random cops in a futile little temper tantrum against the police state that just made it clamp down that little bit harder on the rest of us. Here are two stories from SOTT on this affair, one emphasizing Glenn Beck's contribution, another Alex Jones' (and if you follow the second you'll find that 'Tom Paine' played a part in this sordid production, too.)

Alex Jones is a fine example of how deep the game might be. At the bottom is one of those rare actual comment threads at SOTT, taking the form though it does of a few defenders being shouted down by a flaming choir of 'He's COINTELPRO!' The reasoning is this: Alex's role is to tell the truth about everything, but to emphasize the scary stuff and talk a lot about guns, even while always (always) declaring himself to be against violence and for a peaceful resistance. At the last moment, so their theory goes, he will exhort his legions of followers (and yes, they number in the millions) to go forth with their hunting rifles and take on the US military.

Now, I'm not saying I agree with the them, though I am tending more in their direction given his many recent appearances on Fox ... "I've never seen such a big awakening." Sure, buddy. And I still haven't seen an 'awakening' that big, yet. Because all those people watching Fox, they're not awake, they're just angry and scared and liable to do any dumb old thing to make the bad feelings go away. Like, say, riot in the streets on a mass scale, thus paving the way for a declaration of martial law in which (conveniently enough) the primary targets will be those few dangerous ones who can think, who figured out the Inside Job, the Scam, and maybe even the Package Deal, and who have been trying to wake up those around them before ... something bad happens.

And at the end of it all? Those exhausted cattle that have managed to survive being caught in the crossfire will make all the more pliant slaves, thanks to the trauma; the real dissidents will have been rounded up and either executed on the spot or exported off for torture and/or experimentation at sites around the world; and, off in the distance, with the only buildings left standing surrounded by rings of soldiers and piles of skulls, humanity's new masters, the eternal aristocrats of the New World Order.

Or rather, the Old World Order. Because as with everything else that slithers out of their mouths the word 'new' is of course a lie. The 'New World Order' is what they are trying to prevent, so that their 'Old World' order will become so total as to guarantee them overlordship of the planet for perpetuity ... of course it will be a dead planet, eating its own bones, but, I hear they prefer it that way.

Well, they've got lots of things planned between getting here and there and I hear not everything's going to go according to plan for them because, sadly, nothing ever goes entirely according to plan, for anybody, no matter how powerful they may think they are. That's not just homespun commen sense, it's physical law, written into Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the wave-like nature of matter. Chaos will always intervene, and the thing about chaos is, it can be turned to anyone's advantage ... and if we keep our eyes open, and remember that we're looking for truth, we'll see some true opportunities along the way.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Speaking of What the Real Revolution Will Look Like....

Check out this anonymous message posted at nostate: A Declaration of Separation.

We do not seek to overthrow anything. We do not seek to control anything. We merely wish to be left alone.

All we ever wanted was to live in peace with our friends and neighbors. For a long, long time we bore insults to our liberty; we took blows, we did what we could to avoid injury and we worked through the system to get the offenses to stop. That has now changed.


Just in case you were feeling lonely....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Detroit Public School Supply Building

There's a fierce, grim beauty to this piece. I found myself tearing up a bit at the end, due to a whole complex range of emotions that can't be well described but that, I think, you'll certainly experience if you take the time to watch it.

Found via Cryptogon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Think Or Be Eaten

Yeah, I know, I know, I've got a link blog. Why aren't I using it? Frankly, it's exhausting, and probably discontinued.

You know what isn't exhausting? Think Or Be Eaten. She rants like an angel possessed with the righteous fire of a resurrected Christ, the consuming passion of a Thomas Paine, the rapier-like wit of a .... ah, you get the idea. She's fantastically talented and yes, of course she Gets It or I wouldn't be linking her now would I? Now shoo on over there and read her latest, The Coup Will Not Be Televised.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Food Rant

If you're reading this blog, obscure as it is (or is it just that the readership is a select group?) then it won't have escaped your attention that one of the major issues we have to deal with in this multifaceted struggle for our lives, souls, and planetary destiny, is food. For some of you this is a side-issue, for some one among many, and for others its become the defining aspect of their mission. Well, this is for all of you.

On the one hand there's food, as it's always been, though it's becoming more expensive and more difficult to find by the day (especially for those of you unfortunate enough to be experiencing this adventure south of the border.) On the other there is Food®, which of course isn't food at all but an adulterated cocktail full of various poisons, toxins, pollutants, and god knows what else. I won't go into the whole litany, as no doubt you're already all too aware of what becomes of rats fed GMO corn, for instance, or what aspartame does to the immune system, or ... you get the idea. New things pop up almost every day: food irradiation, for instance, not just for killing bacteria anymore. You probably also know that the right to even so much as grow your own organic vegetables - not for sale, just for your family - is also about to get taken away, and I'm not sure what to tell you about that, except ... don't expect Congress to listen.

Recently I was walking around a university campus, and something struck me about the kids I saw around me. You see, they weren't very good looking. For the most part their facial features were, shall we say, imperfect, their bodies less than healthy, the proportions ... off. I don't remember it always being this way, and maybe I'm remembering the past through rose-colored glasses, but ... I'm only in my twenties and my own university days aren't so far behind me. Thinking back on some of the girls I knew, I remember a far better proportion of beauties to dogs, and many of those who weren't beautiful were at least pleasant-looking. Now, I'm lucky if I get to see a young lady who's appearance is merely nice.

Well, those are my own observations, and maybe yours are different, and maybe they're not, but either way ... why might this be the case? I think you see where I'm going with this.

Things are well past the point of having to worry about any one pollutant or any given chemical or any individual processing technique. Take a step back and look at all of them. Think about it. Think about the effect its having on our health ... on our minds ... on our souls. The interesting question is no longer how these things attack our health - the number of ways boggle the mind - but why our health is under attack. You might say negligence and you might say greed, and no doubt those reasons explain the actions of some but, they cannot explain the sum of the actions, because sometimes it actually costs more to process food the toxic way.

The plan is, first, to depopulate the world. They want to kill off as many people as possible - billions of us, with a B - in order to thin out our numbers down to a manageable size. War and plague are of course two ways of doing this, and those are being explored and ramped up even as we speak. Famine, however, is another, but what's coming for us is to be a very special famine indeed. We're used to thinking of famine as being an absence of food, and in that respect nothing has changed, but ... there will still be plenty to eat.

It's just that if you partake of what's on the table, you'll cripple your health, incur brain damage, and likely suffer epigenetic changes that will cause even worse imbalances in your children. And their children - those who survive, at least - will be even more messed up.

You have to admit there's a diabolical genius to this. Kill off the majority through war, malnutrition, and disease (of course malnutrition leaves you susceptible to disease....) Meanwhile those who survive are twisted, deformed, and stunted mutants straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie (no accident there, as we are after all talking about the post-apocalypse.) They won't be good for much in terms of advancing humanity but, boy, will they ever make perfect slaves.

So where does that leave us now? Well, I'm not sure. Write your congressmen, sure, shout yourself hoarse to keep HR 875 from getting passed. And if they don't listen (and they probably won't) well, it becomes time to start taking food even more seriously than you have before. Because, you see, any society that will make one plant illegal will not shrink from making other plants illegal ... and how many of you have experience aquiring illegal plants? If the law doesn't stop you from having fun in your own way, don't let it stop you from eating properly.

And hey, when the inspectors come to make sure you're spraying your government approved RoundupReady crops with the appropriate amount of herbicide, well, maybe you can bribe them with some non-poisonous produce from the part of your garden you really eat out of. Because we all know money isn't going to be worth much in the days ahead, and even the inspectors will eventually figure things out when their kids are getting ulcers at the age of 5....