Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Food Rant

If you're reading this blog, obscure as it is (or is it just that the readership is a select group?) then it won't have escaped your attention that one of the major issues we have to deal with in this multifaceted struggle for our lives, souls, and planetary destiny, is food. For some of you this is a side-issue, for some one among many, and for others its become the defining aspect of their mission. Well, this is for all of you.

On the one hand there's food, as it's always been, though it's becoming more expensive and more difficult to find by the day (especially for those of you unfortunate enough to be experiencing this adventure south of the border.) On the other there is Food®, which of course isn't food at all but an adulterated cocktail full of various poisons, toxins, pollutants, and god knows what else. I won't go into the whole litany, as no doubt you're already all too aware of what becomes of rats fed GMO corn, for instance, or what aspartame does to the immune system, or ... you get the idea. New things pop up almost every day: food irradiation, for instance, not just for killing bacteria anymore. You probably also know that the right to even so much as grow your own organic vegetables - not for sale, just for your family - is also about to get taken away, and I'm not sure what to tell you about that, except ... don't expect Congress to listen.

Recently I was walking around a university campus, and something struck me about the kids I saw around me. You see, they weren't very good looking. For the most part their facial features were, shall we say, imperfect, their bodies less than healthy, the proportions ... off. I don't remember it always being this way, and maybe I'm remembering the past through rose-colored glasses, but ... I'm only in my twenties and my own university days aren't so far behind me. Thinking back on some of the girls I knew, I remember a far better proportion of beauties to dogs, and many of those who weren't beautiful were at least pleasant-looking. Now, I'm lucky if I get to see a young lady who's appearance is merely nice.

Well, those are my own observations, and maybe yours are different, and maybe they're not, but either way ... why might this be the case? I think you see where I'm going with this.

Things are well past the point of having to worry about any one pollutant or any given chemical or any individual processing technique. Take a step back and look at all of them. Think about it. Think about the effect its having on our health ... on our minds ... on our souls. The interesting question is no longer how these things attack our health - the number of ways boggle the mind - but why our health is under attack. You might say negligence and you might say greed, and no doubt those reasons explain the actions of some but, they cannot explain the sum of the actions, because sometimes it actually costs more to process food the toxic way.

The plan is, first, to depopulate the world. They want to kill off as many people as possible - billions of us, with a B - in order to thin out our numbers down to a manageable size. War and plague are of course two ways of doing this, and those are being explored and ramped up even as we speak. Famine, however, is another, but what's coming for us is to be a very special famine indeed. We're used to thinking of famine as being an absence of food, and in that respect nothing has changed, but ... there will still be plenty to eat.

It's just that if you partake of what's on the table, you'll cripple your health, incur brain damage, and likely suffer epigenetic changes that will cause even worse imbalances in your children. And their children - those who survive, at least - will be even more messed up.

You have to admit there's a diabolical genius to this. Kill off the majority through war, malnutrition, and disease (of course malnutrition leaves you susceptible to disease....) Meanwhile those who survive are twisted, deformed, and stunted mutants straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie (no accident there, as we are after all talking about the post-apocalypse.) They won't be good for much in terms of advancing humanity but, boy, will they ever make perfect slaves.

So where does that leave us now? Well, I'm not sure. Write your congressmen, sure, shout yourself hoarse to keep HR 875 from getting passed. And if they don't listen (and they probably won't) well, it becomes time to start taking food even more seriously than you have before. Because, you see, any society that will make one plant illegal will not shrink from making other plants illegal ... and how many of you have experience aquiring illegal plants? If the law doesn't stop you from having fun in your own way, don't let it stop you from eating properly.

And hey, when the inspectors come to make sure you're spraying your government approved RoundupReady crops with the appropriate amount of herbicide, well, maybe you can bribe them with some non-poisonous produce from the part of your garden you really eat out of. Because we all know money isn't going to be worth much in the days ahead, and even the inspectors will eventually figure things out when their kids are getting ulcers at the age of 5....


nina said...

Oh this does dovetail well with the ugly fact all that agraprocessing machinery requires a steady supply of black gold to keep it well oiled. Every step along the way from the planting to the market, the udder squeezers to the refrigerated glass cases, feed production to the slaughterhouses to the packaging, world-freaking-wide they need petroleum and lots of it.

There is, I am sure, a universal principle about 'size for optimum sustainability' that has been grossly, intentionally exceeded.

Now that the grab is on and managed organization of the planet's resources is off, its true, we're on our own. So be it.

psychegram said...

Black gold, otherwise known as our mother's blood ... it's a black alchemy that's learned its use. And a bargain that's proved itself Faustian....

No wonder gasoline smells bad.

Zoner said...

But, but, it is for food SAFETY! Who wants to be afraid of their food?

Who is aware of what it really is we eat and isn't a bit afraid ALREADY?

I don't know. The one phrase that keeps popping up is "good luck with that". Making plants illegal crosses a line, and will NOT go well. They can call those of us fighting for pot decriminalization "druggies" or "pot-heads", but what do you call those who resist HR875 to deride them? Unbelievable gall being shown here, almost like trying to pick a fight and set people off. You DON'T want to mess with the food unless there are solid plans in place to deal with the fallout, and that raises some questions as well.

They aren't even trying to slip this stuff by us anymore. It seems like 9/11 ushered in a whole new game plan that precludes the need for stealth. The gloves (and masks) are seemingly off.

Shall we become Orcs someday?


nina said...

That old film, the all time great "Reefer Madness" can be recyled into Okra Madness
Cabbage Madness
Scallion Madness
Arugula Madness
and so on for entertainment night at re-education camps.

psychegram said...

Well, that line was crossed back when they decided to make the first plant illegal. And not just any plant, but the most versatile and useful plant God saw fit to grace this planet with ... and we let them do it because "Won't somebody please think of the children!", and, of course, those dirty brown people and their scary vices.

And here we are, 60 years later, approaching the asymptote of absurdity in which the world's most powerful state is about to set the tone by forbidding the cultivation of any plant not specifically permitted.

Anonymous said...

Yes, life in Amerikwa has become like a very bad Burroughs 'routine'... He'd have quite a laugh about HR875!
(sponsored by Rosa DeLauro of the House Democratic "Progressive Caucus")
"Dear Jack:
Everytime I receive a communication from the U.S. I congratulate myself on being here ... You notice that any oppressive, meddling piece of legislation (anti-gun, anti-sex, anti-kick) is always loudly supported by the "Liberal" press? The word Liberal has come to stand for a mealy-mouthed tyranny of bureaucrats, social workers, psychiatrists, Union officials... [and] The world of 1984 is not even 30 years away..."
-- To Jack Kerouac, 1 Jan. 1950.
From The Letters of William S. Burroughs, 1945-1959. Penguin

Anonymous said...

and, old rosa delauro's husband works for monsanto--surprise--
this will backfire as more and more people grow their own--and they will grow tobacco (non-taxable), and weed and make their own beer and wine and whatever--and be healthier for it--
heck, i welded a spatula back together the other day and am stocking up on "fix-it" stuff--getting a 20lb bag of minerals from michael's buddies today ('t go bad and you use so little, it will last a long time--
I have been advised by juli that my assistance in the kitchen at canning time will be required--buy those mason jars now!!!!!
It's on the bright side now, for those who see it--this is all part of the freedom train if you decide to walk along the tracks looking for berries as you go--
Bought tires for the cars, and had some maintenance done while we still have a few bucks--paying more attention to what is needed, as opposed to what is wanted--all with a smile--I know that I am responsible for me--so I am


psychegram said...

preach it, brother! freedom and responsibility are synonyms. the sooner we all get that the sooner we can put an end to this ongoing nightmare.