Monday, April 27, 2009

That Pesky Swine Flu

I think I might have it.

And now, back to bed.

See you on the other side....


nina said...

Oh, you'll be okay soon, apparently Gringos don't die. Just go get some nice herbs and orange juice and write one of your wonderful stories.

su said...

I have thick voluminous, curly hair.
When a kid at school they once did a random race check to ensure that those claiming to be white were white. This extremely sophisticated test was to put a pencil close to the scalp. If it fell out you were white and if it stayed in oh dear - then you were not.
My pencil stayed in but for reasons unknown to me I was not unclassified.
Just wondering a bit about my safety in this pesky virus thing.
Ha ha.

And to the one taken to bed with flu, garlic, garlic, and more garlic.

Anonymous said...

If you think you have the flu, don't take anything to reduce the fever. The fever is what stops the virus from replicating. Just drink plenty of fluids and ride it out. You'll recover faster.

Penny said...

vitamin d and vitamin c

if you can stomache it, you can make a drink of crushed garlic cloves, fresh try to buy local, cayenne pepper and tomato juice, drink it up.

helps clear the nose too !

psychegram said...

Thanks for all the advice, everyone!

Yesterday I was drinking ginger tea with cinnamon and cayenne, specifically to accentuate the fever with the idea that a higher fever would break sooner. I try to never suppress symptoms no matter what the illness ... the symptoms are how your body fights the disease, after all (and there's often benefits beyond that: a cough helps clear out shit from the lungs, and a fever apparently burns up some of the body's toxins.)

Also channeled the delirium into healing visualizations ... between that and the 'medicine' I seem to have gotten better. Still not 100% but definitely an improvement over yesterday!

c.j said...

Good to hear from you mate missed you a bit there some nice rotgut whisky should help clear things up a bit.
When I spent time in Malaysia '07 there was always a bottle of cheap whisky around worked better than most cures.Seriously mate these fuckers are fucking crazy really crazy that means they are desperate I mean anyone can see this for what it is biowar by the governments is what it is.
Stay safe do not line up for any cures...


psychegram said...

I considered taking myself into the hospital initially - to quarantine myself if nothing else - but ... all they'd do would be to give me tamiflu, which I don't quite trust, and so it seemed better to just wait it out and handle it myself. Which seems to have worked, for the most part.

nina said...

Considering the advice you are getting and practicing, and you think you are somewhat better, I am confident you'll be fine.
In addition to everything one can do as remedy, mind over matter is always excellent medicine too.
If possible, try to get your Vitamin D through direct exposure to sunshine. Lie down on a chaise or something, outdoors, for an hour daily until you are all well, then make it a habit to incorporate at least an hour's sun every day to boost your immunity to viruses since it looks like we're all going to need strong immune systems for the rest of our lives. A fact of life in the New World biosphere...

I have friends who regularly get the flu every year and they always think they are dying, they feel just awful, really frightening to me, so I asked my authority figures about it and they assure me the plain old flu really does make people feel that bad, but it goes away anywhere between a week and ten days.
Do not work yourself into a sweat comparing your flu to all the bad news whirling around. The bad newstories, if you've been looking, are full of more holes than Swiss cheese.
We can be sure that 99% of this year's plain old flu sufferers will increase and prolong their misery by wondering if they somehow contracted Swine.
Natural Antiviralsalso check out LATOC's Breaking News flu information links.
Get well soon. Missing your fine mind.

psychegram said...

Funny you should mention sunlight ... it was beautiful Monday and I made sure to spend about an hour, over the course of the day, sitting outside in the Sun, basking. Specifically for vitamin D, too, though I wasn't actually sure that there was a specific link to immunity there. Just seemed like a good idea.

Sadly today was gray and rainy.

At any rate I'm no longer so sure it was swine flu I have (mostly had ... it's down to lassitude and congestion, now), given how quickly the worst of it has passed. Given the timing and the fact that I rarely contract the flu, though, well it did seem suspicious.

nina said...

Also, Reddit:Pandemic will keep you busy. The good news is the immediate threat is ridiculously overblown and on the wane.
As we, ahem, knew all along. And you just happened to pick up the plain old flu at the same time as the global Swine hysteria. Double Bummer!!!

I got the Vitamin D thing from one of thousands of readings over the past 3 days - the one that stuck was the story of a doctor's accidental findings that his inmate patients stayed healthy while the rest of the facility became violently ill because he had previous personal results with the effacy of Vit D and dosed his group of patients daily with D as a routine immunity booster.
The comparison to sunlight's D vs D supplements show sunlight to be exceptionally superior in unit quantity and quality. Sunlight also has the added benefit of minimizing or preventing depression.

I started this comment as your's showed up. Trusting your own judgment, your gut feeling, is healing you!!!! Very good. This is wonderful. The apple does not fall far from the tree!

Penny said...

vitamin D is excellent, there are some good articles at lew rockwell by a Dr. Donald Miller?, let me check that.... I had the links at my blog last year after I heard him interviewed

the sun is a better source but in the norther climes it is hard to get from september to april?? Something about the angle of sun in the sky??, so myself, I supplemented an extra 2000 mg all winter. Not one cold, of course it is anecdotal, but considering I am recovering from a concussion/whiplash also, so given my completely worn down state, I thought it was pretty dam amazing.

nina said...

Are you well?

psychegram said...

Thanks for your concern, Nina :)

I don't think it was swine flu anymore. Though the timing was suspicious. At any rate I'm pretty much over it but, decided to cut out the smoking for a while (taking the flu as a sign that maybe it was time) and so right now all that's wrong with me is that nails-down-a-chalkboard sensation in the middle of my brain.

nina said...

Glad to hear of your improvements. You did everything right for yourself. Now about that leftover, might be something resistant from the chemtrails and lingering around a little while. Mind over matter. Repeat: mind over matter.

Anonymous said...

What happened to you Psychegram? Are you no longer blogging? Did you pass over from your illness or your smoking cessation? Do tell...

psychegram said...

Ummm ... not sure what to say to that. There've been posts up here and at my namesake blog since this was posted.

Turns out it was probably just regular flu. As for smoking cessation, well ... :-P