Thursday, April 9, 2009

Get Ready ... Here Come the New Patriots

I could've titled this 'Here Come the New Truthers' just as well, but I've always had a soft spot for the Truth movement and the thing about it is, it's main concern is, well, truth. Sure, it started as 9/11 Truth but its members became just plain old truthers real quick and that's fitting because we all know, now, that it's so very much bigger than just 9/11 anyway. At any rate, the last several years there's been a lot of overlap between the so-called patriot movement and the truth movement, but I think that's starting to change now because, as the title implies, the new patriots are on their way.

These aren't principled defenders of constitutional freedoms, clear-eyed standard-bearers of truth in the face of masses of denialists who refuse to see the obvious and publicly mock those who do, no, theirs is a softer mettle. Or is it a softer head? Or, perhaps, a soft metal plate in the head, the better to pick up the transmissions for all the television they watch. They are the type that drinks beer, watches sports, and cheers when they see a terrorist get pasted by a smart-bomb on Fox. They were about to vote for McCain, thought Palin was cute, and if they've got anything against the new guy it's only the color of his skin. They are the herd, the mob, and brace yourself for it, folks, because they're coming right at us.

The kicker of it is, while they're charging towards us they're actually going to think that they're with us.

Have you noticed Fox News getting all paranoid, lately? It's shills and mockingbirds and other wildlife having been singing about the conspiracy theorists being right, oh lawd have mercy! And they're just seeing the light now? Please. No, this is calculated. It's meant to lead to exactly the sort of situation as this Poplawski fellow, a paranoid right wing not job who grabbed his gun and shot some random cops in a futile little temper tantrum against the police state that just made it clamp down that little bit harder on the rest of us. Here are two stories from SOTT on this affair, one emphasizing Glenn Beck's contribution, another Alex Jones' (and if you follow the second you'll find that 'Tom Paine' played a part in this sordid production, too.)

Alex Jones is a fine example of how deep the game might be. At the bottom is one of those rare actual comment threads at SOTT, taking the form though it does of a few defenders being shouted down by a flaming choir of 'He's COINTELPRO!' The reasoning is this: Alex's role is to tell the truth about everything, but to emphasize the scary stuff and talk a lot about guns, even while always (always) declaring himself to be against violence and for a peaceful resistance. At the last moment, so their theory goes, he will exhort his legions of followers (and yes, they number in the millions) to go forth with their hunting rifles and take on the US military.

Now, I'm not saying I agree with the them, though I am tending more in their direction given his many recent appearances on Fox ... "I've never seen such a big awakening." Sure, buddy. And I still haven't seen an 'awakening' that big, yet. Because all those people watching Fox, they're not awake, they're just angry and scared and liable to do any dumb old thing to make the bad feelings go away. Like, say, riot in the streets on a mass scale, thus paving the way for a declaration of martial law in which (conveniently enough) the primary targets will be those few dangerous ones who can think, who figured out the Inside Job, the Scam, and maybe even the Package Deal, and who have been trying to wake up those around them before ... something bad happens.

And at the end of it all? Those exhausted cattle that have managed to survive being caught in the crossfire will make all the more pliant slaves, thanks to the trauma; the real dissidents will have been rounded up and either executed on the spot or exported off for torture and/or experimentation at sites around the world; and, off in the distance, with the only buildings left standing surrounded by rings of soldiers and piles of skulls, humanity's new masters, the eternal aristocrats of the New World Order.

Or rather, the Old World Order. Because as with everything else that slithers out of their mouths the word 'new' is of course a lie. The 'New World Order' is what they are trying to prevent, so that their 'Old World' order will become so total as to guarantee them overlordship of the planet for perpetuity ... of course it will be a dead planet, eating its own bones, but, I hear they prefer it that way.

Well, they've got lots of things planned between getting here and there and I hear not everything's going to go according to plan for them because, sadly, nothing ever goes entirely according to plan, for anybody, no matter how powerful they may think they are. That's not just homespun commen sense, it's physical law, written into Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the wave-like nature of matter. Chaos will always intervene, and the thing about chaos is, it can be turned to anyone's advantage ... and if we keep our eyes open, and remember that we're looking for truth, we'll see some true opportunities along the way.


Penny said...

I have been wondering about all these changes??

I think your right it is a way to highjack the legit truth movement.

Usurp it and turn it over to a bunch of brainless followers, just reacting to whatever nonsense is being spouted.

Which I think the legit truthers have avoided thus far, largely sticking to discussion, protest, handing out cd's etc.

Glenn Beck will have the "patriots" turning against other people, immigrants, homosexuals and the like, but not against the people that are the real problem, the bankers the elites etc.

They will remain out of view and unscathed.

I thought Alex Jones likes more to talk about himself, then anything else.

Anyway you make a dam good point!

Anonymous said...

There was a time for Alex Jones--kinda like when you used to wear diapers--hopefully, you don't need them any more. They served their purpose but then you found out you didn't need them and they were full of shit anyway. He does talk about shit, but not the real shit that should be talked about--Old Alex will be rooming with Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity in a guest house down on the southern bush ranch--yeah, the real southern one...not texas.
Put Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Jones, and that racist guy from NJ who just magically seems to get away with so much in the make-up chair that they used for Obama--scrape away the layers, and you have....the same shills you've always had--


Anonymous said...

If you want to control dissent then lead it.

psychegram said...

Ah, Alex Jones .... still not sure what to think of him. Never did buy the 'he's a Jew!' line; in all fairness, he consistently emphasizes that the struggle must be fought with education and personal work (ie, get off the aspartame); and recently he and his sidekick Jason Bermas have been ripping into Glenn Beck something fierce ... though much more for his hamhanded attempts to debunk the FEMA camp/mass grave issue than for their role in the cooptation of the truth movement.

The juries still out on him. Like Jj says there's a time for Alex and that time for most of us here is passed, I like to think, but ... I do admit to a certain lingering fondness for a man whose loud-mouthed ranting did so much to end my own slumber.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones woke a lot of people up and for that he should get credit. But he's very dangerous in some ways. His anger and his vitriol is contagious and addicting. So many testosterone-laden males are hooked on Alex. In sharing the "truth" Alex makes people realize that they've been duped. And what happens when someone feels duped? They get angry.

His followers are an angry group who mostly do nothing but get angrier. They turn off the masses because they don't know how to share what they've learned in a soft, slow, teasing manner (and by tease I mean dropping a little tidbit here and there). They dump all the information PLUS the anger on folks in an attempt to sway them. But it's too much for many, so they close off.

Could it be that Alex is helping the Old World Order by:

1. Overwhelming folks with truths that are just the opposite of what the media and their education has taught them.

2. Eliciting anger from these same folks for being duped.

3. Giving people no positive way to deal with the shock of the information and the potential physical and emotional danger of overwhelming anger that has no escape valve.

4. By directing focus on these issues and creating strong emotions around them, Jones followers actually help the overlords bring into manifestation their very goals. This is how we all create in our lives, through the powerful combination of focused thoughts and strong emotion.

Just think of how ingenious this is. We're not dealing with fools. They may not be blessed with wisdom, but they sure have smarts. Using millions of folks, who know the truth, to help them achieve their goals. It's called the Law of Attraction. Where thought goes, energy flows. Your subconscious has no idea that you DON'T want what you're focusing on, so it becomes manifest, all the more so because of the strong emotions involved. To create the opposite--what you DO want--you have to put your focus on what you want, understanding that what you don't want provides contrast to help you figure out what you do what. And therein lies the blessing in it!

Bottom line is, when you're waking up, listen to Jones. Learn what you can and then turn away from him very quickly and don't look back. Now find a way you can use what you DON'T want to figure out what you do want and then create it--through intention, powerful desire, and positive emotions.

psychegram said...

There's a very good discussion of the Alex Jones question over at SoTT, which ties in some other material that Jones, of course, would never talk about: Celestial Esoteric Stuff and The Socio-Political Nitty Gritty.