Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hidden in the Needle

Let's talk for a moment about vaccines.

I'm sure it hasn't escaped your attention that they're not always everything they're advertised to be. Often they're not even that, and even when they are they seem to often come with quite a bit more than you're told about. There are cases off mass forced sterilizations in the third world, possible instances of cancer viruses, and then of course various toxins that seem to be combining to play a large role in the massive spike in autism amongst other conditions. Look at the first link and right at the top there's a quote by Bertrand Russell, and you realize that some brilliant minds (and few have shone brighter than Russell's) have been planning to use injections for purposes quite different from defending frail little you against infectious disease for some time now, though of course they couldn't tell you that and so, a pattern emerges.

Now, in the current temporal expression of that pattern, what do we see? Well, there's a 60 Minutes piece on the Swine Flu epidemic that you can watch. It's from 1976 of course, and it's not so much that they've been remarkably prescient - predicting an event yet 33 years in the future (33?) - as that this whole thing has come around before. Of course, those infected were all in the vicinity of a military base, only one of whom died, so 'epidemic' was perhaps too strong a term but it wasn't too strong for the media at the time, which convinced everyone to go out and get their swine flu shot. Three hundred died - that's three hundred times the number that succumbed to the terrible plague - and several thousand sued the government for resultant illness, so in this instance of the medical history of vaccinations you'll forgive me for suggesting the cure was far worse than the disease. And, the more paranoid might suggest, that may have been exactly the point. 60 minutes wasn't that paranoid of course but nevertheless the episode aired once, was banned and only surfaced again in 1995.

So, here we find ourselves now, with another swine flu decimating the population and advanced countries all over the world gearing up to start sticking people with needles to guard against it. This time they're not just going to bombard us with propaganda in order to talk us into rolling up a sleeve, oh no, this time around, governments keep saying, they're going to be giving everyone the shot and the implication would be, whether you like it or not.

Let's go back to that list of adulterants (or primary payloads, depending on how you look at it): live viruses, carcinogenic agents, and various engineered toxins designed to evoke a certain 'side'-effect. All these have been around for quite a while, but technology has moved on in the meantime and so to this list we might wonder if we shouldn't add other categories such as truly microscopic RFID microchips for purposes of tracking. The design would be simple enough, a chip small enough to move through the bloodstream, embedding itself in tissue along they way all over the body, including of course, in the vicinity of the brain. Tracking is one of the least scary possibilities: imagine for a moment what they could do if they could access a network of chips throughout the body, which in response to outside signals would emit localized pulsations of EM energy that (as a 'side'-effect) could easily be configured to stimulate nerve cells and thus influence the state of the connected nervous system, in effect making the subject a 'receiver' for signals sent out over everything from HAARP to cell phone towers to wifi. In all probability, the overall effect would be beneath conscious perception, but with a fine-grained control of a subject's neurophysical state might come control of the emotional and psychological state. The subject would essentially come under mechanical control from an outside manipulator, and while an individual might be able to resist its effects had they both knowledge of it and great inner discipline, en masse it would make society more completely the play thing of the that invisible fucking Eye than ever before.

I don't know for sure if the next round of vaccinations is being prepared with such weapons. It might be that some shots will have it and some be without, or that different batches will be loaded with different payloadss: death for some, crippling illness for many, and mass enslavement for all. Ah, but we'll have been immunized against swine flu, mass death by pandemic averted again thanks to Modern Medicine, Inc.! Whoopedee flippin do.

Now, how are they going to go about giving all these shots to so many people? At one point or another, they're going to be gathering large numbers of people together at once to be given their shot, because on this sort of scale just waiting for people to come into the clinic on their own won't cut it. At the extreme end, they could use the military, going to house-to-house to round up stragglers. In the event of a food-shortage (or simply a money shortage) they might make a place in the breadline available only if you get your shot. As much as possible, though, by far the best way to go would be to simply have a medical team attend large assemblies where, for whatever reason, people are gathering anyways.

Recently I found out that at the beginning of the school year, I will be attending an all-student's assemply in order to get my student card. For this I'm supposed to send in a picture weeks ahead of time, which I find amusing as at U of T, several years ago, they simply took our picture and handed us our cards. So, if Canada is going the mandatory vaccination route - and the government has announced this, however quietly - that may well be where I'm presented with it. "Want your student card? Give us your arm first."

Whether or not or if or when I'm presented with that choice, my answer will be a simple "You'll have to put a gun to my head first." The answer will be the same regardless of the circumstances in which the order it responds to is given.

And it might come to that. It really might.

But it's important to remember that an order is really a question, "Will you do what I say?" and how you respond is up to you, not to whoever gives it. And for me, if it's a choice between being injected with a potentially lethal, potentially crippling, or potentially subtly enslaving cocktail of I-don't-know-what (and-neither-does-the-nurse-giving-it) then I'd rather let them pull the trigger on the gun they'll have to put to my head, than accede.

The consequences for me are simple: I escape the shot, one way or another, and what is contained within it. Maybe only me and a few others do so in which case, hey, enjoy your doomed and dreary little prison world, there's a whole universe out there packed with worlds that'll be much more fun to incarnate in, I'm sure. Whether the particular planet we call Earth escapes this fate really comes down to how many people answer, each in their own way., in the negative. If enough refuse, the plot will fail. It really is that simple.

If you do, you won't be alone. You'll have comrades worldwide, engaged in the struggle against vaccines: Jane Burgermeister, an Austrian journalist who's filing suit against every individual, organization and influence involved, alleging attempted bioterrorism; Quebec doctor Ghislaine Lanctôt, who sacrificed her medical license by raising her voice after the 1976 debacle; or the Czech lab techs who raised the alarm about Baxter's live virus flu vaccine. There are voices everywhere raising the alarm against this plan, but if in the end their warning is not heeded their efforts will have been in vain. No doubt it will, for many, but it needn't be for all. Already you can read a storm of commentary across the web, "Mandatory vaccination? Sorry, no, not happening."

This is just a single thread in a plan that has been thousands of years coming to fruition, a single element of a complex and multilayed struggle that has continued back to the furthest, murkiest depths of the human past. It's role is a key one, and to whatever degree its progress can be retarded, the overall goal to which the plan is directed will be that much less likely to manifest.

The situation might look daunting now, and there is no doubt that the going will get rough indeed but time is of the essence, and not just for those of us who wish to stop the plan but for those carrying it out, as well. There is a window of opportunity coming up over the next couple of years, during which they have to get all the elements of their global autocratic technosphere nightmare world in place. If it's not up and running by the time that window closes, it will collapse, what they've erected will collapse on top of them and history will dance on their ruins.

For us, on the contrary, the window is a much more congenial environment. Chaotic, yes, a trying and difficult time, but with great opportunity for creative solutions to novel problems. The reservoir of latent inspiration is becoming greater than ever before in recorded history. Those tapping into it, will ride a wave of creativity that will flow through the obstructions erected by the would-be lords of humanity and carry them laughing to heights previously unimaginable. As the window closes, that wave will quite naturally rise to a great height and there, many are suggesting, it shall stay for the nature of this window is that as it closes, it in a sense will freeze whatever state closes it into the Earth's physical environs for a very great period of time. Prison-world or paradise, it will be one of the two, and regardless of what you might have been told, over and over throughout your life, which of the two it becomes really is up to little old you.


Zoner said...

Well, the forecast "Summer of Rage" is more like the "Summer of Low Grumbling" it seems, so maybe this is a way to stir up the rabble and kick off whatever countermeasure was slated to be employed to deal with it.

Mandatory vaccination? Pardon my crude language, but good fucking luck with that. This is a BIG line in the sand, and that fact does not elude the PTB.

I just got a very strongly worded letter from the local school district with the huge header - "NO SHOTS - NO SCHOOL!"
My 12 year old is scheduled for a series of boosters and I'm really debating the whole deal right now. They are pushing the HPV shots hard here for young girls(and have the boys in their sights now, too), and when you put the "barely tested/dubious benefit" component next to the "immunity from lawsuits for Pharma" angle, it looks I would be a shitty parent to offer my kids up for this "protection". Gee, you mean I won't be able to send my kids to your halls of wisdom anymore? You might want to come up with a better threat than that! (I'm sure there is a bigger and better one waiting in the wings).

The bottom line (pun intended) is that someone is cashing in big-time on this move monetarily. If there is an opportunity to tack on some extra measures to further an agenda, it would be a win-win I suppose. Again, good luck with all that.

Chemtrails, flouride, assorted tech goodies (HAARP, etc) education, organized religion, BS media; what are we being kept from seeing/feeling/realizing? Where are we being steered with all of this?

I think many of us know exactly what is going on, don't we? Can you feel it?


psychegram said...

Funny, I'd noticed that too ... conditions that have them rioting in China have barely got them swearing at each other here in North America. The mood is ugly but not yet public mischief ugly, and whether that's because all that shit you mention at the end there has got 'em good and docile, or just dumbed down enough that most of them still haven't figured out the scam (hell, why not both?) well, looks like we might just avoid that particular route to full-blown martial law.

Of course swine flu might make a handy excuse, too. In which case the first people going into those FEMA camps will be vaccine refuseniks like you and me, ne? I've heard capacity's in the low millions at those things ... and I doubt there's many more than that that've figured things out.

In the meantime, pull your kids out of school. You'll be doing them a favor at more than one level. These are the times for families to pull together.