Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lets All Sing the Doom Song!

Before reading the papers in the morning, I always like to start with a good laugh. I look at the funny pages first, and I find that sets the tone for an entertaining romp through the day's propaganda rather than an angry stomp through a world built of heinous crime and bald-faced lies. So I'll extend you the same courtesy here:

Behold the Doom Song.

I hope you watched it. Invader Zim was and remains my all-time favorite Nickoldeon cartoon. I would have loved to see the look on the programming director's face, who had to find a way to fit a cartoon by the dark genius Jhonen Vasquez - creator of such classics as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac - into the programming schedule of a network aimed at small children.

I started to digress there into a long-winded description of the cartoon's premise but caught myself in time (that should give you some idea, however, of how much I love this cartoon.) If you want to know more, you know how to use google and you will.

What I'm really here to talk about tonight is another doom song, the dirge sung by Alex Jones, for instance, though by no means exclusive to him. I myself sing the doom song quite often and, if you're reading this, I expect you do as well. Whether you're singing it because of ecological collapse and chaotic climate, because of wars and rumors of wars ... because you perceive the venal conspiracy that animates those wars, the collapsing economy and seemingly all else and has for longer than most are brave enough to admit, or because all those reasons, really because well (how shall I put this) they're all very much the case, the 'facts on the ground' as it were.

As it stands now the world is fucked, fucked from multiple directions like a teenage party favor at Bohemian Grove or fucked the way a bankrobber surrounded by a SWAT team is fucked. There's really no way around it, it's pretty much there and in your face if you're willing to notice it. In case no one's noticed there's writing all over the walls in pretty much every city you go to.

There aren't too many who haven't picked up on this by now. Most of the populace still drowns out the doom song with the various distractions available in the the proliferation of modern electronic entertainment but ... maybe it's just me but I don't see so many people wearing iPods these days. Not like you used to and, what does that mean? Surely all those iPods can't have broken? Or are they just sitting at home, on a shelf somewhere, a thin layer of dust collecting on its smooth, shiny surface?

Still, few have the courage to really sing the doom song to themselves, to start exploring it, every little nook and cranny, perceiving especially all the ways we've been lied to and even taught to lie to ourselves, about ... ourselves, and thus everything else. That's a lot of work to do, a lot to ask of someone psychologically and for a while, those few who do seem to go insane.

"What is this bullshit about the Rothschilds owning the Fed? 9/11 was an inside job? Bush eats babies, Al Gore is addicted to the adrenaline in the blood of terrified teenage boys and the Queen Mother is a meatsuit for a hyperdimensional reptilian intelligence that's been guiding civilization since it started? The hell are you on about? You off your meds or something?"

Yeah, that and something, man.

Still, in those early stages you're consumed by the doom song, feeling it in the fiber of your soul ... all those people, being set up to die ... all the horrors already unleashed, and all the horrors yet to come.... You can't help but spend most of your conversational time arcing back to the tone of, "Hey, by the way, are you aware of how truly fucked we are? No? Well let me fill you in on the details...."

But very few want to hear the details because they can hear the rumbling bassline of the doom song already and are still trying to drown out the melodies any way they can. They bury it below, an unacknowledged backdrop to their daily routine. I understand completely: I do the same myself, so as to function within wider society but ... still ... in my solitary moments, I sing the song to myself. The urge to bury, however, is really the worst and most dangerous thing to do, like running directly away from an ambush, and the deeper it's buried from one's momentary conscious perceptions, the more damage it does. There's an analogy with this of course of repressed personality traits or memories, for that is essentially what we're dealing with here. Most simply try to ignore it, while knowing it is there and for these, simple blindness will leave them open to further and worse predations. Others, however, bury the knowledge so deep that a dangerous sort of nihilism takes root, and they become themselves tools of predation.

Now, the thing about the doom song is, it's really all about fear. When you pause to take it all in, it's majestic and overwhelming finality is about the most terrifying thing one can imagine. No spy thriller exceeds it in suspense, no horror flick in raw fright, no army movie in gore and, if certain prophecies are on time, no sci fi movie in sheer spectacle. The more you refuse to hear the song, the deeper you have to bury it, and as a result the more raw terror it will evoke within the brain.

Fear is the mindkiller. Never forget that.

So what do we have? A huge population with their minds so fried by fear that unwilling or no, they are quite compliant as slaves. That's been the case to greater or lesser (and usually greater) degree throughout much of history, sure, but ... these days aren't most of history, are they?

You've also got a small population that's started to sing along with the doomsong, researching it's several overlapping themes for themselves through the internet. They tend to be quite animated by what they've found, often consumed by it (and thus looked upon officially and publicly as 'crazy') but an often astonishing feature is that they don't seem to be quite as fear-struck as you might expect. Rather, it seems that they've one way or another overcome that initial dread at the song's grim opening notes and plunged right in.

Then you've got a much smaller population, what you might really call the core population of the Awakening: those who have reasoned out (or intuited, for many) the full spectrum of what's going on and have lost their fear entirely. Amongst this cohort the awareness of how thin the facade of power is very keen, as is the knowledge (or is that faith) that creative solutions make this upcoming transition eminently survivable. Not that survival's really the point, mind: this group tends most often to have a dominant spiritual aspect, with an understanding that 'death' is an illusion. And anyway, mere survival is so boring. Much more interesting will be the creation of a society where the human being can thrive as never before thrive as a being, not a human doing, free and encouraged to develop all their faculties as far as they may in whatever directions their inclinations take them. A society in which the world is both garden and school, a kingergarten in which human beings are seen for what they are: the larval forms of light beings.

The creation of that society, of that world, of that future ... that, I think it's fair to say, is widely acknowledged (within this very small group I'm talking of here) as being the point.

So, let's say it's some time ago, and you're one of the very, very few who's had the brass cojones big enough to tackle the doom song and come out the other end: seeing the gathering evil for what it is, and knowing how to stop it.

What do you do? Sure, you know that infinite love is the only truth and that God has things well in hand, but God's also working through you and she expects you to do you work in the world you're in.

Well, obviously one of the critical tasks to perform is to get the message out to as many people as possible. There's a certain critical threshold necessary for a full-scale Awakening to allow humanity to successfully navigate the rapids ahead and boy, are we ever a long way away from that now. And ten, twenty, a hundred years ago? Much further still.

So, how do you start reaching people? What do you say to them? 'God loves you'? 'You and god are one?' 'Do the right thing?'

Erm, no.

That won't work.

Fear is the mindkiller, remember? And these people are afraid, very thoroughly and down to very pit of their engorged junk-food laden stomaches in the grip of fear. They are in a powerfully negative state, as a result of which they respond to only one thing: fear. An appeal to their higher, better natures will be completely lost on them.

So, the only thing to do is to go for that fear, to accentuate it and draw attention to it, to proclaim it as loudly as possible. They'll have to notice, one way or another, and some few might even respond to the message that's being communicated through it: don't trust what you've been told, research for yourself and make up your own mind what and whom to believe.

Every single one of those who responds in such a fashion will inevitably find themselves hooked on the doom song, led by it as though by a lure through the whole thorny maze that is the modern reality tunnel until - with a near solid certainty - coming out the other end, a changed being, a new member of the Awakening.

Now, it might be the same person can tell you the truth about the darker side of things and then spend a few moments chatting about more positive polarities of the situation. I try to maintain this balance as much as possible but then, I'm speaking to a small and some might say elect audience, not shouting myself hoarse addressing the masses. The fact is, there are so many people who are still lost in their own fear, so many yet still to try and wake up, that doing so becomes of necessity a team effort, with all the division of labor that implies. Some of us can spend all their time talking to others within the Awakening, discussing the particulars of how we're going to wiggle through this train wreck; others, however, must devote themselves on a fulltime basis to the often thankless job of trying to wake people up.

I'm going to spring a little trap on you, though no doubt some will have seen this coming. Let's take the case of one Alex Jones, radio host of his four hour talkshow on the Genesis Communications Network, and documentary film-maker with several feature-length pieces of, essentially, investigative conspiracy journalism. Alex is big, fat, loud, and can most often be heard cutting his many guests off with an apoplectic five minute rant about the New World Order.

Now, Alex gets a lot of flack. There's the obvious name-calling from the corporate media ('crank', 'conspiracy theorist' and other predictable duckspeak), the hassles from officaldom and the like. But also within the Awakening, he's often held in great disdain. Usually this comes down to disapproval of his overbearing emphasis on the negative (this if the speaker is one who comes from more of a 'new age' than a 'conspiracy theorist' angle) or also (for those who came from the conspiracy angle), that he's a New World Order plant, project Mockingbird-style controlled opposition straight out of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, with a vicious hidden agenda that has yet to be unveiled. Oh, yes, and he doesn't like to say 'the Jews did it', so he may be a crypto-Jew as well. Or is it that he's an ignorant backwoods Texas Christian full of bile and hate for any other religion?

So, let me get my head around this one: a guy who spends all his time trying to tell people what he knows about the New World Order, exposing as many secrets as he can, is secretly working for them?

Wow. That's ornate. I'm a conspiracy theorist, and I of all people am going to invoke Occam's Razor on this one.

You know why I don't think he likes to talk about Jews? Because he knows 99% of the audience has been wired since Birth to respond to any variation on 'Jew=Bad(?)' with a hearty yell of 'ANTISEMITE!!!' and a reach for the antifascist pitchforks. So instead he talks about the Rothschilds and treats not at all the subject of their 'Jewishness', knowing full well that it's just a cover anyway, that in all likelihood they are blood-drinking fear-eating reptoids from another dimension, and that most of the Jewish people as such are innocent (if more deeply brainwashed than most.)

Alex keeps the message strongly negative for one reason: to reach as many people as possible. He knows fear is the only way to reach them and so he absolutely lavishes them with it and that's why there's millions of people listening to his radio program, watching his movies and linking stories in his websites. You might see this as exploitative and certainly he brings in some money, but ... he needs the infrastructure to build that big podium and that giant megaphone of his. Only way to get it is with money and so, money must be made.

Does everyone who encounters Alex' message respond by really looking at things for themselves, opening their eyes to the world and their hearts to the doom song? No, of course not. Now as always it's only a few who start down that path.

But it's far more than might have, otherwise, had Alex or someone like him not set about building that megaphone and stood up to start shouting with it.

Why in the hell would the NWO set up an agent to tell people most of their dirtiest secrets? Well, not 'all' so maybe to hide the very worst by omission? Sure, why not. But then why let him keep hammering at the message, 'investigate for yourselves, don't take anyone's word for it, don't take mine, get out there and look it up! Make up your own mind! Change your reality!'

Isn't that the whole message that got everyone here started on whatever weird path it was that took them here? That message alone carries within it the seeds of the Illuminati's destruction.

You want a shill? Glenn Beck. That man is a shill. He tells the audience some things that are, in fact, true, some of the same information Alex covers but then, somehow, somewhere along the way he finds himself advocating the very same policies that (logically) he would be against. And you'll never catch Glenn Beck telling people 'Question your reality'.

Alex Jones is a hero. He's doing a dirty job that no one else much wants to do, and he's doing it for the sole reason that maybe, if enough people really wake up, humanity can pull through this and come out the better for it on the other side. It's only inevitable, and certainly understandable, given the skepticism he advocates, that some large fraction of those he wakes up condemn him for being what he professes to have set himself against. But it's by no means admirable. Alex deserves a certain degree of honor and respect for what he's done, what he continues to do and I have no doubt will continue to do until either enough people wake up, or They eventually put a bullet through his head.

Whichever comes first, and it would do us good to remember that this now applies to us all. As a certain famous Satanist once said, "We must all hang together or we shall surely all hang separately."

I'm not saying to listen to Alex. I don't, not anymore, not as a regular thing. For most of you listening to The Alex Jones Show is like a math PhD sitting through a remedial math course. The intentional abrasiveness is jarring, too. It's unnecessary and unpleasant, so: don't.

But don't ridicule the teacher of that course when he's walking down campus, just because you're studying - or even teaching - at a more advanced level. It's uncouth, it's uncalled for and for the sake of all that's holy, we're on the same flipping team and (in case you hadn't noticed) massively outnumbered.

I could go on but I won't. I've certainly said my piece and below, you're welcome to say yours.


Strawman said...

Very nicely said. I too have wondered at the 'Jones' bashing from those who likely stumbled onto certain unpopular subjects through dear Alex. Fantastic. He did his job. As to who or whom he WON'T name, does he really need to? Seriously? If you have gotten to the point of listening to and moving beyond Jones people, no one NEEDS to point out anything other than the names. Maybe Jones takes it for granted that the more intelligent 'seekers' will come to the same obvious conclusions and that any further hand holding on his part is just too superfluous. Nothing wrong with Jones IMO. He does the job too many others quail from.
Thanks for the piece, amigo.

Brownhawk said...

No matter all the particulars, the bottom-line is awareness that is building to that critical mass.

The collective consciousness of mankind knows it's time for courage in finally standing up to the bully by ending this addiction to fear. The withdrawal symptoms will be severe. No getting around that. But at least we will be getting off this damn drug once and for all.