Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stepping Over the Line

Hey, all you cops out there who were at Pittsburgh. Yeah, and you other cops who were watching and wish you were there are too. All of you who got off on it, listen up. Know this. You're crossing a line. You're breaking laws that spring from a place deeper than any body of men (and I honor them with the title advisedly) can legislate. Remember justice? That thing that maybe a few of you at least hoped you'd be serving? Justice is balance, cops.

The scales always balance.

You've stepped across a line. You've chosen open allegiance with evil, with the enemies of all humanity. What's up with that? You're human too, aren't you? Don't you have wives, kids, families? Don't you care about the world they grow up in? Don't you realize that when you throw your lot in with the force your actions serve, when you become even for just a moment an extension of its will, you lose your own humanity? You betray us all and worst of all you betray yourself, so there is no point in forgiving you. Because when you realize what you've done - and you will, oh, you will - you will never be able to forgive yourself.

Sure, it feels good, now. You get that rush, that feeling of power as you fire those rubber bullets, whack that kid in the head, stomp on that guy's fingers. Taze that bro. Taze 'em! Fucker deserves it. Yeah, that's right, it feels good. And the money's nice, too, isn't it? But let's not kid ourselves, you like the big house and the new cars and the vacations and all the little perks but what really does it for you is when the civvies kind of cringe away, drop their gaze, that raw animal scent of fear. That whole primal alpha male dominance/submission trip, that's the ticket, yessir. Rightawaysir. Whatever you say. Just don't taze me, bro.

Yeeaaaaaah, baby. It feels good. It's a goddamn party.

Well the hangover's coming shitheads. It will suck in exponential relationship to how much you've gone over, to the degree of your betrayal. Because we know, you see. You've got friends and families and neighbors who know what you do, and yeah, they talk. Word gets out. Lists get made. One day we will come for you, and there is no outrunning us because we are your country, we are the world, we are the embodiment and the extension of the entire created universe. It acts through us, and because of that for all intents and purposes we act through it, too. You're about to find out just how long that arm can be when the Law you've pissed off is the kind that doesn't need to be written down because it just IS.

You have FUCKED yourselves.

And when it's all said and done, the trials are over and the nooses cut down, generation upon generation of our descendants and yours shall spit when they say your names.

Hope it's worth it.

As for the rest of you? The ones who were feeling a little uncomfortable out there, sweating in the armour, gritting your teeth a little every time that psycho down the line ran out to whack some poor fucker who was just standing there, taking a picture, who wondered if what they were seeing was right and maybe even wondered about the collection of cold-faced dark-suited men they were guarding, arriving in big black cars and deliberating over the fate of nations in their ceremonial meetings. Funny fow those fates always seem to mean more poverty, death, and war. Oh yeah, and more stuff for the guys handing 'em out. Yeah, there's some of you who wonder about the justice of guarding those who seem to embody its opposite and to you (and you know who you are) I say this. There is still time. There is always time. Right up until-

The rules in this game are simple, see. You can change your tune at any time until the music stops and your number comes up. Take off the mask, come forward, admit your deeds. "Hi everyone, I was an agent provocateur at the rally." "I fired rubber bullets into a crowd." "I stood there and watched while three cops kicked the living shit out of a protestor." You can think of it as a sort of amnesty, a free pardon in exchange for coming out before you're revealed ... unless it comes off as a boast of course. "Yeah, it was me kicked the punk." It's all in the delivery, see, and please don't bother trying to fake it. Any flaws we detect (and we will, for we are all of humanity) will only serve to highlight the absence of conviction, and on that alone you will be convicted.

See, the problem is this. Law is supposed to be justice, yes? The balancing of the scales. The paying of dues, the reparation of wrongs, the impartial arbiter of truth. Once upon a time there was no written law, but then too the Law existed: the inherent regulating structure of the universe, cause and effect, action and consequence, ticking on and on over and over back since before there was life (if, in truth, there ever was such a time.) It was an unforgiving Law, savage in its judgements, and so we humans long ago took it upon ourselves to soften its impact by writing it down. The idea I suppose was that by so doing we might study it, learn its ways, live in accordance with them and, so, prosper.

And prosper we did, some of us at least, in fits and in starts here and there, for you see 'right' from the very beginning those who actually wrote down the law took the opportunity to throw in a few self-serving clauses that allowed them to elevate themselves above the illiterate masses, who'd been duped into thinking those clauses were every bit as sacred as the Law of the Universe they'd been told this new-fangled-written-law-thingy was.

That initial deception has since been used as a wedge, to the point now we've gotten to where we don't even remember what the Law was supposed to be anymore. We've gotten confused about the difference between the map and the territory it ostensibly portrays, or at least a lot of us have, and the result, well ... criminals in power, man. Everywhere you look, just robbing and raping the planet ragged, while publicly pointing to the moon and pretending to be it so they can lay claim to the privelege of continuing their pillage.

I'll lay you odds they joke about it in private, with their compatriots who are in on the gag. It's gotta be a hoot, I'll tell ya.

So the problem we come to is this: the courts are compromised at every level. Nothing can be accomplished in them, not if justice is the goal. The next court of recourse is the notoriously savage and fickle court of public opinion.

Have you heard of those Chinese net mobs? Or our own culture's Anonymous We? Internet vigilantes whose collective attention comes to rest on some particularly feeble and rotten excuse for a human being and decide to shred his life and his sanity until, sometimes, he kills himself. Remember Hal Turner? The crazed white supremacist radio host slash paid FBI agent provacateur? The Anonymous We is the reason he is no longer in operation.

I want it to be understood that I'm advocating nothing, here. Simply stating some facts: that if justice cannot be served in one system, it will be served in another. There is no way to stop this. The universe seeks balance, by its primal nature attempting to come to thermodynamic equilibrium. What is taken must always, one way or another, be paid for.

The interesting thing though is that in all liklihood violence will be largely un-necessary. You know, I've been keeping an eye on all the various protests over the past few months and what's interesting to me is that they all seem to kind of fizzle out. That predicted Summer of Rage in the UK never really got around to happening ... even the G20 conference in London wasn't much of a scrum, was it? The succeeding soiree in Pittsburgh has been notable primarily for its absence of rock-throwing protestors, or indeed of determined protestors of any sort. Even here in Kingston, the Aberdeen St. party - an annual bash that generally attracts thousands of drunken frosh and frat boys to our peaceful downtown - ended in a whimper as the students simply failed to show up (although there were plenty of cops hassling innocent local passersby.)

Now, you could take this to mean that maybe for whatever reason people are just completely insensible to what's going on around them and I'll grant you that still describes a great deal of the populace to a 'T'.

But then there's that million person gathering in Washington that just sort of ... happened ... no violence ... no warning ... just, over the weekend, a million people showing up and reflecting the government's shameful visage back to it.

So there's no shortage of people who care.

Maybe it's that a lot of those people have started waking up. They've figured out the scam, and decided not to play by those rules anymore. I know I have, and I'm willing to bet there's others like me out there.

Here's the way it is. Your world leaders can go and have their conferences, eat their lobster bisques, snort coke off a teenage hooker's ass, pose for some photos and, oh yeah, make their grand decisions on our fate. While they do that, we won't surround them to channel our hatred into their entertainment. For make no mistake, that's what the clever signs, the giant puppets, the slogans, the faint waft of tear gas in the air and the sound of gunfire is to these reptiles in human skin. All that emotional energy, all that creativity, poured into and burnt away in the crucible of a side-show act for an audience of monsters that has exactly zero chance of changing anything.

Well, that game isn't fun anymore. You can keep playing, by all means, go right ahead. Enjoy. We won't stop you. We will however proceed to ignore you, and start playing a new and enourmously more enjoyable game: giving birth to a new society, a true renaissance for a global omnihumanity based on altruism and abundance rather than scarcity and security.

Yeah, you heard me. That's how we're going to fight you. By out-thriving you.

That society is being born, now, as we speak, within the minds, hearts, bellies and sex organs of a great many human beings, all over the globe. They have no organization. They need no organization. They simply know, instinctively, that the time is now, and so they are acting individually in the full knowledge that others of like mind and kindred heart are doing the same everywhere, in whatever way they can or please to, all approaching the same goal from every conceivable angle.

And in fact, and more to the point, every inconceivable angle. Even those early few who have already managed to physically link up with others in the throws of this awakening must act without any sure knowledge of what their compatriots might be doing.

It's that 'inconceivable' part that's really scary for TPTB. They're dealing with an enemy that refuses to play by known rules, whose actions are prohibitively difficult to predict, at least with any sort of accuracy ... and here, or rather now, as the density of events per unit time cycle starts to really ramp up around this Great Strange Attractor that's been pulling the fractal timewave of history towards it ... in this now, accuracy is of great consequence for those who would maintain control.

Time. Yes, that's the thing, isn't it? The structure of time itself is making the world a more fundamentally unpredictable place ... and for those who choose to ride that wave, rather than attempt to tame it, well ... "Tiiii-iiii-iiii-iiiime is on our side, yes it is...."

On that note, I'd like to mention that the date I wrote much of this just happens to be 8 Imix, the Justice of the Crocodile. Imix is the origin, the birth canal of the Mayan calendar. Kind of interesting how the ultimate roots of justice came up as a theme today, as I've been too distracted to check the tzolkin recently and only did so just a few minutes ago....


Anonymous said...

I was at the Aberdeen St. party. There was an insane amount of cops there. I get to see the G20 next year.

Zoner said...

Yeah, brother. No, make that HELL yeah and then some.

Those clowns in armor playing "bad-ass" have NO CLUE! But I won't seek them out to confront them - gives them justification for their activities.

They have some serious backlash coming - all of them, right on p to the top of the chain. I hope I live to see it.

Stocking up on canned goods and ammo? Shit, that's the EASY way.

How about choosing not to fight for anything, but simply watching the old way fall apart while engaging in the creation of something new and old at the same time?

Thanks for the uplift, man. well-timed and much needed.


su said...

That was one hell of a well written piece.
Can I send it in to our local paper?
Justice is a coming, in all her wisdom and love.
Oh yes and her power to destroy the destroyers.
Beautifully said.

13 Muluc said...

Most excellent post, Psychegram! Yes, we are sick and tired of playing that old, stupid game. At some point, I think many of the members and supporters of TPTB are going to become conscious with the rest of us. Then we'll see real justice. I can't imagine anything worse for them than to wake up to the full reality of what they have done to others. When they do, and we KNOW they have, what could we really add to that? We'd probably say something like, "That's OK. You didn't know what you were doing. And besides, you did force us to wake up."
In Lak'ech.

psychegram said...

Zoner, man: you'll live to see it. If you want to. Remember, it's all a dream ;) Besides which, none of us can really 'die'.

su: go right ahead ... though I'm not sure it'd get in, what with the language being not exactly family friendly, you know? To say nothing of the subject matter -grin-

13: Exactly. For those capable of feeling remorse, their mortification at finding out how thoroughly they've been had will be punishment enough. By then we'll all have seen enough of bloodshed. As for the psychopaths, well ... the reptiles will largely eat each other for us, methinks. Compost for the new age, as Les would say....

Justin Tyne said...

It has been such a while since I have stopped by. Nice to see you still pour the emotion into your work.
It is often difficult to look under the veil of darkness with a vision of seeking the loving lesson being expressed. My objective is to transcend fear based emotions of separation into loving emotions of God SELF Oneness.
I think we can agree, the demand for justice rides on the steed of judgement. Proclaiming under a charter of rightousness that atonement is needed does not make sense. Justice is the tricky high ground of the ego.
We can perceive these same acts of maya supporting TPTB as needed and equally valuable to our dance of consciousness.
God, the ONE, the all, is perfection personified.

From the illusion of good and bad we determine a piece of God to be somehow greater than another. More to the point we somehow determine a piece of God fails to make the mark.

We can love these demon pushers and bankster bastards, for they too are an equally beautiful part of the ONE. I don't see a day of reconing, I see darkness finding light. I remember the suffering darkness promotes, I live with this suffering. Conversely, I understand how lucid living in the light promotes an expansion of love, which is, (excuse the pun) to die for. It is from this perspective I ask, moreover I demand compassion for my brothers who live in the dark. For truly their existence is already a hell.

Namaste, my brother Psychegram, fear to love.