Monday, February 23, 2009

A Broken Man

Hey, this is just a head's up for anyone who's interested. There's a new vignette up at Dreamscapes and Night Terrors: A Broken Man. Enjoy.


c.j said...

Mate as a fellow Canadian I enjoyed reading your article I have been following you via Les' and I am not disappointed.
The Christ principle that's what A Broken Man brings to my mind.Greater love hath no man that a man laid down his life for another therein for me is the greatest principle to live and die by.
Thanks mate.

psychegram said...

Hey c.j., thanks for stopping by, man! I'm glad you liked the story and thank you very much for telling me. The reception in this early stage has been very positive and that's really heartening. More is on its way, I promise.

c.j said...

Thanks for the response only other comment is you give lizards a bad rap by comparing them to this scum....

Thanks mate.

susana said...

I found it uncomfortable because of the violence and normally I would skip, but forced myself to read it and am pleased I did.
That someone can move beyond pain into the center of one's being is a truth we don't often hear of.
Bring it on, I am hooked.

psychegram said...

I'm glad you liked it Susana. Apologies for the violence, but it's only fair to warn you that there's likely to be more and possibly worse. The times we live in are unlikely to get any more peaceful - darkest before the dawn, and all that - though I don't expect I have to tell you that as living in South Africa you've no doubt seen far worse than I ever have. Still, it's important to learn how to take even the worst situations and redirect one's perception of them so as to find whatever opportunity it presents, which is one of the major themes I'll be working with here (I think. As always, we shall see....)