Friday, March 27, 2009

Behold, There is a Stranger in Our Midst

It appears I was too hasty in referring to our would-be Thomas Paine as anonymous, a mistake for which I can only plead the haste of the moment for making. His name is It appears his biography is only too public, as we learn in this article that he was both a former news director for NBC (mm hmm) and is a visiting Communications prof at UCLA. So, now that we know that, then, we can all trust this man, yeah?

Right. A news director at a major corporate network. Award-winning, no less (you really should click through). This is a man who has played the game of manipulating your mind and played it better than most, and you know and I know that he knew exactly what he was doing. And now he's back for the greatest performance of his career.

He's already gone to the White House to talk to Obama. Very revolutionary of him, don't you think. No word yet on what they talked about, of course, though I'm sure Basso gave the president an earful, just like he castigated the legislators for passing the spending bill. No doubt he saved it all up just for Obama, because in the video he was conspicuously silent on the man under whose auspices the bill was rushed through, so ... make of that what you will.

He's getting radio interviews already, on a show with 3 million listeners. Doesn't this strike you as a particularly meteoric ascent into the public eye for the previously unknown creator of a short youtube video? Especially given the subject matter, because maybe I've been missing something, but I've got the distinct impression that radio and television have generally been at pains to conspicuously ignore those voices calling for a revolution.

Well. Maybe he just got lucky.

Wake up, America. You are literally one step away from an irreversible plunge into a full-on fascist state, and you know it and you're scared, I know - believe me, I know and I understand - but if you follow this asshole he'll push you right off the edge and laugh all the way to the bank where, I hear, he just deposited forty silver Liberty Dollars. Of course they don't make Liberty Dollars anymore but you knew that, didn't you?

This guy has to be stopped. I cannot be the only one who sees how dangerous this man is. This is my second rant aimed squarely at his sweaty and apoplectic brow in two days, and anyone who knows me knows I've never done this before. Let that if nothing else be an indicator of how strongly my spidey sense is tingling right now, and please, if your intuition is telling you anything even remotely resembling what mine's telling me then for the love of god listen to it. Raise your voice, before the roar of the mob drowns you out. Do not let this man go unchallenged.

"Behold, there is a stranger in our midst, come to destroy us...."

Anyone who's interested in giving Mr. 'Paine' a piece of your mind, can find an easy way to contact him at his personal website right here. Now I could give you a form letter or something to drop into his inbox, but really, where's the fun in that? I fully encourage you to use your own creativity and, of course, judgment in deciding what to tell him yourself. It needn't be much. A simple, 'we're on to you' will do handily. Not that it will wake anyone up, but it might just trouble his sleep tonight and he deserves, at the very least, that much.

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