Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mind Control Blues

My father returned home today. He was actually released from the hospital a week ago, but my parents used the excuse of the possible existence of black mold under the carpet to justify the cost of renovating the master bedroom to themselves, and he didn't want to come back until the hardwood flooring was down. I won't go into all the sordid details, which aren't really relevant to the topic at hand, except to say that he's making a full recovery from the potentially very lethal illness he'd contracted, a fact that should have made today an even happier day than it already should have been. You'll notice from the way I worded that, that today's homecoming was a less-than-joyful one.

Now I could get into all sorts of personal history and family issues, the vector sum of which might explain why the atmosphere around the dinner table was filled with silly arguments and pointless sniping instead of the good-humored laughter it should have been. I could, but that would bore you, wouldn't it? And in the end, I'm not really convinced that it would explain things.

It's been a rough week. The last couple of days in particular, it's felt like I'm trudging my way through the emotional equivalent of a swamp, with every moment seeming to suck at my soul. It's not that I'm especially worried about the global political economic situation: I am, but that's been the case for a while, and what's happening now I've seen coming for a couple of years or so. Nor is it that my personal circumstances have become particularly onerous. They are, in fact, unchanged, save that I've received a few encouraging signs regarding future prospects. If anything, you'd think I'd be in a slightly better mood than usual.

Not the case, though.

Funnily enough, I'm not the only one who seems to be going through this. Les Visible's going through an emotional crisis, for one, and a lot of the regulars in the comments section report the same. Su at easyidler - from what I've seen, normally a delightfully sunny soul - has been in a pretty dark place too, recently, if some of her recent comments and this are anything to go by. It's not just Su I've noticed this in, it's a lot of you, as well as a lot of people in my personal life; I mention her because the contrast between normal and lately seems so stark.

So just what the holy hell is going on here? Why is everyone having their thought centers pulled into the orbit of negative poles that fill them with self-doubt, self-hate, fear, lassitude and depression? Any one person and it's just that person, sure. You can point to whatever flaws mar their personality or problems that trouble their life, and say, see? Here lies the source. Fix this, and the problem is solved. At any rate, it is all this person's fault (or the fault of some other person in close relational proximity.)

But it seems to be far more than just a few of us feeling these things.

So maybe it's that something big's approaching, some sort of calamity that's causing a disturbance in the force that we're all perceiving ex post facto. That could well be the case, though I'm not sure I buy it. See, unlike a lot of you I don't really consider myself to be 'sensitive', in the subtle or esoteric sense. Oh, sure, I know anyone is, but my own sensitivity is as course as a callused bricklayer's thumb. I'd be fooling myself if I started thinking that maybe I was perceiving something like that. I'm just not that special.

Another thought comes to mind, however.

I presume you've heard of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, HAARP. There's a lot of literature out there regarding its use as a weather control device, but what's not as well known (though it is most assuredly known) is its use as a weapon of mass mind control. In my opinion, this is its primary use. There's all sorts of interesting stuff out there on this: a quick google search turns up this, and this, oh yes, and this. I'm sure if you dig around a bit you're bound to turn up all sorts of fascinating tidbits. The important thing to keep in mind, however, is that the way HAARP is supposed to work is by, in essence, broadcasting certain emotional states to people whilst simultaneously hindering rational thought. This makes it the perfect complement to TV, for while TV tends to fuzz out the emotions and implant ideas, HAARP fuzzes out the ideas and plants emotions. Together its an unbeatable one-two punch and the hope, no doubt, is that it will keep Them Alive into the indefinite future.

It occurs to me that we may all be under psychic assault by HAARP. No doubt there is something nasty coming down the pike, but if you really wanted to boost its impact what better way than by preparing the ground, as it were? It's one thing to nuke Denver, quite another to drop that Bomb when most of the world's population is already grappling with dark emotions and feeling their social ties fray as those around them struggle against the same invisible and unacknowledged foe.

Maybe I'm wrong about this. There's really no way of knowing for sure, not at this point in time. But it's something to keep in mind, and if it's true, well ... just knowing it might help to fight it.


nina said...

I believe this is referred to as "softening the target"? Possibly the most disgusting newspeak yet to enchant war room shock doctrinists, another one of only slightly lesser levity is the twisted "message force multipliers". Both have their place in a new kind of war: ...This war will not necessarily be one in which we pore over military targets and mass forces to seize those targets. Instead, military force will likely be one of many tools we use to stop individuals, groups and countries that engage in terrorism.

Our response may include firing cruise missiles into military targets somewhere in the world; we are just as likely to engage in electronic combat to track and stop investments moving through offshore banking centers. The uniforms of this conflict will be bankers' pinstripes and programmers' grunge just as assuredly as desert camouflage.

This is not a war against an individual, a group, a religion or a country. Rather, our opponent is a global network of terrorist organizations and their state sponsors, committed to denying free people the opportunity to live as they choose. While we may engage militarily against foreign governments that sponsor terrorism, we may also seek to make allies of the people those governments suppress.

Even the vocabulary of this war will be different. When we "invade the enemy's territory," we may well be invading his cyberspace. There may not be as many beachheads stormed as opportunities denied. Forget about "exit strategies"; we're looking at a sustained engagement that carries no deadlines. We have no fixed rules about how to deploy our troops; we'll instead establish guidelines to determine whether military force is the best way to achieve a given objective...

Maybe we can't prepare for every eventuality in this life, but we can learn to expect the unexpected. That's quite a feat you know, doing it without anxiety or dread... calm knowledge and acceptance, no island of rest.
After all, how long were we under the impression our way of life was as it was supposed to be and it turned out it is nothing even resembling that supposition?

Your Dad deserves a lot of credit. Imagine his coming out the other side whole, intact, its great. What a trip he's been on!

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psychegram said...

That we could have all heard that speech (and we did, didn't we, at the time) and not understood what he really meant ... how blind we were. That's the pathocrats' favorite trick though, to say something publicly that has two meanings, one on the surface and another that comes out plain as day to those other pathologicals who have the key. It's almost like alchemy, or heretical teachers speaking in parables ... and isn't that an interesting comment on the modern age? For until recently the psychopaths could say what they meant, out in the open, whilst those revolutionaries whose practices and teachings opposed their domination were forced to conceal their meanings so that only trusted initiates would understand truthfully. Now, the situation's reversed, isn't it? The pathocrats dare not speak their true intentions aloud, whilst the teachers can say exactly what they mean, for all to hear. So who has the real power?

I believe I may have just cheered myself up, a bit.

Thank you, as always, for the kind words! My father is indeed a lucky man, and no one knows it better than him.

Jody Paulson said...

psychegram -- I want you to know there *is* something we can all do about HAARP. This website talks a lot about it (there's a lot you have to take with a grain of salt though ... trust your heart/higher self/higher power to help you discern helpful articles and people from disinfo). Just as HAARP can effect the mind, the mind can effect HAARP. There are also entities in better touch with higher dimensions than ourselves that have the power to help, but they can't/won't unless we ask them to. I believe a lot of negative energy is also coming from organized "psychic attacks". But there are powerfully compassionate groups out there that are just as organized to heal and disable the bad guys and their technology. Ask your higher self to (or whichever entity you really trust) to bring you in tune with these groups. I send out intentions (you can visualize this as light or energy from your heart) to raise the vibration of the earth every Sunday at 6pm PST, and pray every Sunday at 8pm to send out peaceful solutions to the world's leaders, and I do this in conjunction with many other people, which has a multiplying effect. Intention really does work against evil crap like HAARP and GWEN towers, because at they are "higher dimension" technology and in higher dimensions, thoughts and intentions make all the difference.

susana said...

I think you might have a point about transmissions and mind control.
Venturing into the mountains with no cell signals or telephone wires or anything led to a different mental space entirely.
Like several buzzing interferences had been eliminated.
Clarity prevailed.
A sangoma friend of mine told me the best way to neutralise one's energy field was to bathe in water with copious amounts of sea salt.
Especially on full moon night.
Fuck the manipulators.
Let us laugh and dance in merriment and abandon.

psychegram said...

It's great to see you're back to your old self, Su!

You'd think living as we do, out in the midst of nowhere, we'd be protected from this shit ... and maybe we are, to a degree. I know I don't get cell phone reception put here, so I'm sheltered from that shrew GWEN, at least ... but when the strings of the HAARP are plucked, the unholy harmonies are heard anywhere and everywhere throughout the planet, which is of course the whole point.

And hi, Jody, thanks for stopping by! I'm aware of the existence of higher selves and extra-dimensional entities and such ... I think one has to be, once you start delving into the Labyrinth, or the combat for the minotaur will drive you insane with despair. Still, knowing the help is there doesn't actually help much, from a psychological perspective, once the attack has commenced. Not immediately, anyhow. One pretty much just has to grit one's teeth and move forward through the storm, one step at a time.

Penny said...

hey psychegram:

I think it is a general "knowing"
that is getting people down.

Knowing that troubled times may be coming, and then the typical worries, despite awareness of what the unkown may bring.

Because there is only so much that can be controlled by any individual right?

One doesn't have to have any special psychic ability, one just has to be alive, awake and paying attention.

It helps if the tv is off!

Or it could be the late winter blues, for those of us in the midst of neverending winters....

As for HAARP, very interesting stuff, the first time I heard of that subject, I was floored.

I must check your links out
were any of them Jerry E Smith? he is the first person I heard speaking on this topic.

psychegram said...

I've actually never heard of Jerry E Smith. I'll have to check him out.

Everything you said was absolutely true ... the only reason I suspected something else might be afoot was the sheer scale of the phenomenon. With this kind of thing you can never be really sure ... but it helps to stay aware of the possibility, because awareness alone is the best defense.

Penny said...

this is the book I first heard Jerry E Smith interviewed on
check it out

psychegram said...

Fantastic! Thanks for leaving that link here!

Penny said...

hey psyche:

no problem, it has actually inspired me to go back and relisten to the interview that sparked my own interest in HAARP.

Was thinking about the reports on the latest electronic weapons and wondered if they came out of the HAARP project, so your timing for the mention of HAARP was timely.


and my word is oventop??
does this mean my stove should be cleaned?
well oventop it is