Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dodging Bullets

Just a quick note. Two news items from the last little while caught my eye. One was the narrowly averted engineered bird flu pandemic, thanks to Baxter Pharmaceuticals' live virus enriched vaccine. The other was an asteroid that just barely missed the planet. I can't help but wonder if this isn't an example of as above, so below, for in both cases our world seems to have dodged a bullet.


susana said...

Just a question I am putting out generally - would you rather a quick take out like a direct asteroid hit or to survive what the elite have planned for us.
I go for the quick take out. No question.

psychegram said...

Transcension/ascension, preferably ;-)

But without cheating by cutting that Gordian knot, (and giving a long answer to a short question) I'd go for survival. My reasoning is that, terrifying as those plans are, they can't possibly work ... and while they might seem close to fruition at the moment, the only possible fruit is the destruction of the system that keeps those scumfucks in power, and on the other side of their fall, and the fall of everything we know ... well, dawn must follow even the darkest night.

Of course you could also look at this from the more personal level of 'how would you rather die'? Quick and (at least relatively) painless, or through a long-drawn out illness? Me, I'd go for the sudden and terrifying, so I could really stare death in the face ... I just don't have the patience for sickness. That's paradoxical, I know, but consistency (to paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson) is the hobgoblin of little minds ;-)

Regardless, Su, I hope to hell you don't get your wish. This benighted world needs every good person on it now more than it ever has, and you're one of the finest. It looks scary now, yeah, but ... it wouldn't have been revealed to you ahead of time if you couldn't handle it.

Zoner said...

If you are asking for opinions, mark me down for survival, not because I value my own life so much, but because there will have to be those who resist the drive to build up a bigger, badder version of this same failed exercise. I at least would like the opportunity to try living WITH the earth instead of trying to hide from it (whatever that means).

What happens on the other side of whatever is shaking out is as open as how the current drama will finally erupt - people can plan all they want, but the end result is never guaranteed (I planned on being a touring professional musician; I'm a stay at home dad).

I have asked for the comet or asteroid to get here in moments of weakness and uncertainty. If it seems that all is lost and nothing is worth saving, that might be part of the intended outcome. If all the planning and all the movement ends up with the "elite" hiding in their bunkers and the rest of us left to face the "event", I suggest the first order of recovery is to do whatever we can to seal all entry/exit points. They can have their little sub-terrainian clubhouse and we can get to the business of doing it right this time.


c.j said...

I do not want to sound Bible thumping but there is a verse that goes something like.... they labour in vain those that build the temple unless the lord builds it....
Of course the Bible is an excellent reference point and all of that.The point is it is all in God's hands Les would probably say it is all under control.I would say nothing to worry about mate they can not outplay God The Creator how dare they think that yes how dare they think that what utter fucking arrogance is that!
It is well with my soul mate....
Thanks once again mate.

psychegram said...


Just because you can't tour doesn't mean you can't be a musician. One thing we can count on from what's coming - and, I think, our premonitions regarding that hypothetical array of events - is that it can and will provide an endless (and increasing) source of creative energy. For those of an artistic bent - no matter what that bent may be - this is best looked upon as an opportunity. Take what you are and are becoming aware of and channel the emotional energy into creative outlets. At the very least it's fun ... at the most, it might inspire others, elsewhere and elsewhen to act in such a way as to have a shot, maybe, of averting those pitfalls that arise. There's this quote of Shelley's banging around the lexicon about poets being the legislators of the world, and that's something to think about. Or so I think.

Oh, and the drought is over, for now, so as always salt those words as well as you need to ;)


What I'd say about the Bible is, there's some real, genuine spiritual literature in there. But it's been cut to pieces and scattered throughout a swamp of flagrant fabricatons, and done so for the specific purpose of misdirection. This has the effect of turning actual nuggets of truth into the shiny bate that then allow the acceptance of a whole lot of bullshit that lets those who know it's bullshit manipulate masses of people into doing anything they want and, thus, the last several thousand years. The original mind control. But then of course things have advanced now to the point where they have at one end of the spectrum HAARP, and of course still have the Bible, not to mention everything else that they've developed over the intervening millenia so ... the situation is a grim one, I admit.

And yet as you point out they have the temerity to attempt to outwit the Almighty. Truly, how fucking dare they?

And put that way, the tragic becomes comic and I'm sitting here chuckling at the silly buggers instead of shaking my inner fist and muttering like a madman. Laughter is so very good for the soul.

susana said...


"one of the finest" - I am sure i can find many who will disagree on that score.
Is it fear that I am saying I want to avoid
My take on it is that at the end of the day it is a dream.
I can either remain in the dream as a survivor struggling against enormous odds or I can simply return to the noumena - the pure silence and no-thingness from which we came.
It would not even be a choice, like would you choose to be in a nightmare or in deep sleep.
So it is not out of fear or helplessness , just out of an acceptance of being without this body.

The question of dying fast or slow. I have come so close to dying on 5 occasions. In all of them there was a heightening of all senses, a euphoria once the fear had shut down due to shock.

Now to pose another question:
If you could know the exact time of your death would you want to know.
I would.
And you all?

Yes about laughter, my wish for us all is to have a huge heap of the deepest belly laughter this weekend. I challenge you all to initiate and fulfill this.

psychegram said...


In all truth I long for the same thing, ultimately ... to be freed from this world in order to experience the next one. That's the goal towards which I'm aiming my life, one way or another, graduation to the next grade so to speak, but I have a feeling that this time around it might be possible without having to actually die. I can't prove this is the case - and I might well be tragically wrong - but even so, I don't want or intend to leave this world until I've done what I was sent here to do (whatever it is, exactly, that turns out to be.)

I know exactly whereof you speak, regarding close approaches of death. Three of my own (all self-imposed, no less, fool that I am) spring to mind, and there may well be others that I might not even have been aware of (if a the one and only psychic I've ever consulted was to be believed.) Just as you say, the senses heighten, awareness expands, time slows down and just what, exactly, is going on in this state of consciousness? More than just glands and hormones, I wager. I've got a take on this over at Psychegram, The Ecstasy Scam.

I've no interest in knowing the date of my death. One way or another, it will come for me. Knowing just when it was would only get in the way ... and maybe that's just fear talking, and if I'd truly lost my fear of death (as I like to think I have), knowing that grim date would be nothing more than a useful personal deadline, with which to focus one's activities. Hmm. I'll have to think about that.

Dadnerd said...

Humans are an asteroid. A slow asteroid, and the destruction is widespread, and real.

I'm so embarrassed to be part of this species sometimes.

Despite our desire for survival, we all know deep down inside what a hideous mess we've made of this planet.

Baring a massive evolutionary jump in our consciousness we need to go.

Most animals are so much more advanced than we are. Why don't we just leave and let them have it?

Kevin John said...

Truly a lot of really wierd shit going on these days...California will possibly leagalize marijuana to help pay taxes??

Will I someday be able to mossey down to the 7-11 and pick up a few lines of magic stay awake snow candy to help pay for the national debt?
Lawrence Saunders was right- it will all be legal one day.(Tomorrow File).

btw, Psy, thanx for your visit.

psychegram said...

There goes another one.

Dadnerd said...

Wow psych, I didn't know about the second one. Wondered why my hair went up that day, didn't make sense.